What’s the longing in your heart? Look inside, if you are willing. Hidden deep beneath the layers of busyness, expectations and even disappointments is your unmet desire that’s longing to be filled.

But by what? By whom? What will satisfy?

When the desire of your heart was that new car, how did it feel a month later? What were your emotions after it’s first scratch? How long did it satisfy? Unmet desire stirs up again and you’re sure that if you could just get that promotion, everything will be great. And so it comes – with more responsibility that causes you to work longer and sleep less. Still unsatisfied, where do you look next?

Where has the Father taken you on your travels to fill your desires? What have you heard? What have you noticed?

Everyday responsibilities and busyness of children and soccer games, getting to work on time, even serving in your ministry, can bring a sense of satisfaction. They temporarily fill you up, giving a false sense of fulfillment, like the latte for breakfast when your body really needed eggs. An hour later you’re starving, a headache begins to settle in, and the chocolate sprinkle donut in the break room is begging to be eaten.

The truth is there is another way to fulfilling the deepest desires of your heart. Here are 4 Steps to explore how to fulfill your desires.

  1. Make a list of what you think will fulfill you. What are they? Finding your soul mate? Your child making the right college choice? Complete healing for your body? A ten thousand dollar a year increase? Owning your first home? Finally taking your dream trip?
  2. Next to each item on your list, write down all the possible great outcomes and deep desires you hope to be filled. Go deep. What will each fulfilled desire give you? Write down the words to your feelings.
  3. Describe the feelings and emotions you will experience if they are NOT fulfilled? Try to identify the deepest desire that’s not being met? What’s behind those desires? What are you really longing be have? Significance? Belonging? Connection? Love? Worth? Peace? Approval?
  4. Note how many of your deepest desires are dependent on another person. Be realistic. How likely are they to happen if they depend on another. Rate the likelihood on a scale of 1 – 7 with 7 representing “this is absolutely going to happen”. Anything less than “7” is a risky place to put your dreams.

Most of us stop at Step 1 with no idea what the real desire is behind the dream we’re pursuing. Convinced everything will be perfect if we can just get what we want, we go after it without a clue of what we’re longing to fulfill. Empty, we’ve set ourselves up for the cycle to repeat.

What’s the answer? Go to the One who can meet them. Security, acceptance, belonging, love and every one of your deepest desires are met in the sweet relationship of His love for you. He won’t leave you with that empty feeling like the hour after you’ve eaten a chocolate sprinkle donut.