I"m a Professional Encourager and Life Inspirer!

Helping you fulfill your unique destiny
 Do you know who you are? 

For more than25 years I’ve been encouraging people to see themselves as Jesus does.

My Story

I was only 40 when a friend asked me to meet with her adult daughter to help her understand herself from God’s view. That launched my calling to help others become who Jesus already sees them as — vibrant, thriving, Kingdom believers fulfilling their own destiny.

My Values & Beliefs

I Believe in You!



Your Destiny is Worth the Effort!




Dreaming Should Never Stop!




God Works All Things Out for Your Good!




My Approach

I can see your future and destiny more clearly than you can. That’s because I don’t see your life through the lens of every hurt, setback, and disappointment lived but from Heaven’s perspective for your future.

Most of any self-sabotaging behaviors you might have are often wrapped up in beliefs formed from circumstance or experience and not always based in truth. I can help you see those beliefs and choose to overcome them to fulfill your destiny.

I believe every “failure” is a qualifier for what lays ahead for you. I believe nothing is impossible for God which means nothing is impossible for you if you pursue his dreams for your life and believe what he says about you. God sees you as qualified for the assignment he’s given you. My job is to help you get there!

I Can See Your Future More Clearly Than You do!

Is Your Destiny Worth 15 Minutes?

Is Your Destiny Worth 15 Minutes?

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