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Becoming Bezalel: Painting From the Intimate Heart of God

with Claudia Klann

Becoming Bezalel

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Are you a woman who yearns to explore the connection of your creativity with God?

Becoming Bezalel

Painting From the Intimate Heart of God

A Five Session Live Online Workshop


Every Tuesday

November 7

Through December 5, 2023

10:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m.

Choose the best time for you!

The Intersection of Imagination and Holy Spirit

Uncover your unique artistic gifts while connecting with our Divine source of inspiration. 

Becoming Bezalel is more than just an art course; it's an odyssey of self-discovery and divine inspiration. Our program draws from the wisdom of Bezalel, the biblical artisan whose creativity flowed from the intimate heart of God. This course will guide you in discovering and expanding your inner artist while connecting to your spiritual essence, Holy Spirit, through creativity.

Why Pursue Your Creativity with God?

He Will Use It in the Most Amazing Ways!

God took Claudia's undiscovered passion for creating from being dead to being resurrected! By releasing the joy of Jesus, her art has impacted thousands worldwide. Missionaries have received cards of inspiration, the broken-hearted have been encouraged through a print or a poem, and original paintings change atmospheres through the power of Holy Spirit, who inspires every piece.

Who knows how God will use your art to change the world?

It's time to embrace His calling to be the light.

Arise and shine. Your time has come.

Be inspired to pursue your creative journey by the miraculous story of how God used Claudia's art as a novice painter to heal her son-in-law several states away.

Watch the video below.

Join a community of women who share your artistic and spiritual aspirations. Together, you'll create, inspire, and support each other on your creative quests.

Here's What You can Expect to Receive:

  • Session One: Unlock Your Creative Potential

  • Discover the artist within you and begin to paint profound, heart-centered art that reflects your innermost self from the heart of God.

  • Learn about Bezalel and connect with the anointing he received to create with the Spirit of God.

  • Recognize that talent is overrated. A passionate connection to Jesus is your artistic superpower.

  • Under Claudia's seasoned mentorship, you'll participate in guided exercises to activate your imagination to see and hear from God's heart.

  • Experience stress-free artistic play and leave with projects to practice during the week.

  • Begin preparing your prophetic painting.

  • Session Two: Connect with Divine Inspiration

  • Not just about technique; it's about infusing your art with God and the prophetic. You'll learn to create not just with your hands but with the very core of your being, connecting to the intimate heart of God as you do.

  • What is Prophetic Art and how to grow in your prophetic giftings?

  • Practice hearing, seeing, and then releasing within the safety and honor of our community.

  • Learn how to decipher what you see and hear to create a prophetic art piece that captivates the viewer and releases your intentions.

  • How to find source material for your prophetic paintings.

  • Stress-free creative expression with group sharing for constructive feedback.

  • Take-home prompts to continue creating your prophetic masterpiece.

  • Session Three: Ignite Your Passion

  • Whether you're a seasoned artist or a novice, this course will reignite your passion for art and spirituality. You'll be inspired to transcend boundaries and reach new heights in your creative journey.

  • Encounter activation to release any strongholds of unbelief keeping you from painting with God.

  • Explore how to develop your prophetic art style.

  • Uncover God's perspective of Artificial Intelligence in prophetic art, (hint, He's for it) and receive a brief introduction on how to use it.

  • How to find source material for your prophetic paintings.

  • Stress-free creative expression with group sharing for constructive feedback.

  • Take-home prompts to continue creating your prophetic masterpiece.

  • Session Four: The Infusion of Technique with Spirituality

  • In this pivotal session, we delve into the intricacies of artistic technique, connecting the tangible with the spiritual. It's a fascinating juncture where you'll refine your skills and learn to infuse your art with the profound depth of the divine.

  • Be introduced to technique options to express your unique prophetic art style. 

  • Discover how techique can be a conduit for Holy Spirit to enable you to create art that resonates profoundly.

  • Practice new mediums.

  • Cultivate a deeper connection with your art, as you understand that technique includes your spiritual practice. 

  • Stress-free creative expression with group sharing for constructive feedback.

  • Time to play and explore with Holy Spirit. Q & A and review to finalize your painting.

  • Session Five: The Revealing

  • We invite you to take a courageous step, sharing your artistic creation with our supportive community. This transformative session will inspire, foster growth, resilience, and empowerment as you unveil your creative work to the world.

  • Let your artwork breathe, share it with fellow artists, and unveil the masterpiece born from your intimate connection with the Divine.

  • Honest, heart-felt review from our community, a safe space for open and authentic discussions. Receive constructive feedback and experience the beauty of connecting with others who appreciate your art from the heart.

  • Overcome fear of not being good enough. Understand that your art is a reflection of your unique journey and the intimate connection you have nurtured throughout this course.

  • Experience the powerful renewal of your creative spirit as you break free from self-doubt. Allow your fellow artists to uplift and encourage you, reaffirming your commitment to paint from the intimate heart of God.

  • Celebrate Your Journey and the remarkable path you've traveled.

  • Don't Miss Your Spot!

    Seats are limited !

    Do you wonder if an online group can work for you?

    Ingrid shares her experience in the video below


    Every Tuesday

    November 7

    Through December 5, 2023

    10:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m.

    Choose the best time for you!

    Ladies, Are You...

    • Eager to unlock your creative potential but uncertain about how to start?

    • An artist with a desire to create for a higher purpose, in collaboration with God?

    • Wrestling with self-doubt, believing you lack artistic talent or feeling that you're not "good enough"?

    • Ready to embark on an exciting journey exploring the intersection of art and spirituality?

    • Passionate about deepening your spiritual connection with God through your creative endeavors?

    • Aspiring to broaden your creative horizons and make a greater impact through your art?

    • Ready to begin?

    Meet Claudia

    Your Prophetic Art Teacher

    Only seven years ago, I began my passionate pursuit of prophetic painting. Until then, I never had a drawing, painting, or art course! I told people I was the most 'uncreative' person I know. Let's just laugh at that! 🤣

    What I did have was a burning passion deep inside of me that I didn't understand. Only when someone granted me permission to explore did I discover what it was. Since then, painting has captured my heart. I bought cheap basic paints, brushes, and pads at Walmart and started playing.

    Those early plays left me frustrated with no idea what I was doing -- even know how to hold a paintbrush! But the frustration propelled me and kept pushing me to find training until I finally felt comfortable, and was invited to join the prophetic art team at my church.

    I don't always produce something worthy to share with another, but each one is part of the process of discovery. So, I am giving you permission to explore with Holy Spirit that someone gave me. It unlocked a part of my calling I was unaware of. Could you be unaware of how painting intersects with your divine destiny?

    Will you come along with me?"

    We all start somewhere. Art skills can be learned.

    Claudia's early experimentation.

    Art Prints

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you'd still have questions, so that's why we prepared this section just for you.

    Do I have to be an artist to benefit from this course?

    No, all you need is desire and a willingness to explore. After five sessions you will have "unlocked" your prophetic creativity.

    What is the refund policy?

    I've thoroughly described what to expect, but if after the first session I haven't met your expectations, simply request a refund.

    What if I am an Artist?

    This course will grow your connection with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and soar your art to the next level. You will expand your prophetic sight to release through your art.

    Will there be replays available?

    Yes! When you sign up, you'll receive membership to Claudia's Abundant Joy Mentoring Community which is the hub for all of her courses and replays.

    What if I only draw or use mixed media?

    No problem. You are encouraged to grow in the medium you are most comfortable with. Just bring the supplies you like to use.

    Do I get access to all of Claudia's courses?

    Your purchase entitles you to this course, Becoming Bezalel: Painting From the Intimate Heart of God, but Claudia's additional courses are avalable for purchase.

    Will I need art supplies?

    Yes. But they don't have to be expensive. Student-grade acrylic paint from Walmart will work. If you're already painting, bring what you have on hand. Large media pad or canvas boards plus a few brushes will be enough. You will receive a more detailed suggested supply list by email after you sign up. 

    Why are there two different times?

    Choose the time that works best for your time zone and schedule. The same workshop is offered at the 2 different times to accommodate working women and our friends in Australiat and New Zealand!

    Is this course really 100% online?

    This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. Plus, you can access each session replays as many times as you want to practice your prophetic painting techniques.

    Can I come to either group once I sign up?

    Intimacy and safety are needed to enable heart-centered sharing and review. This is established within a group that knows each other. Even if your schedule changes, please stay with the group you began with.  

    Becoming Bezalel is Easier Than You Believe!

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