How Do I Become a Life Coach?

How Do I Become a Life Coach?

3 Steps to a Big New Year!

How Do I Become a Life Coach?

As coaching has become more mainstream and talked about, a week doesn’t go by without receiving a call or email from someone who wants to “drain my brain” about what it takes to become a life coach. I’d like to let you in on a sample conversation in the hopes it will help you navigate your interest in becoming a Coach.

Do I Need to Be Certified?


But the type of certification depends on the type of coach you want to be. Ask yourself “Who are you called to coach?”. Who have you identified as the unique people group that you’re called to coach? The potential list of coaching specialties is extensive – Executive, Business, Corporate, Professional, Transitional, Arts & Entertainment, Life, Family, Pastors or Church Leadership, Spiritual Growth and Destiny, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Addiction, Sexual Health, and many others.

Who has God prepared you to coach? For example, I chose to become a Christian Life Coach who focuses on Spiritual Growth and Destiny because 20 years sooner, God used me to bring spiritual growth to many people who were struggling to believe His word as personal promises for their lives. I had been “coaching” people for most of my adult life before it was ever called coaching and before I learned the Art of Coaching. I considered becoming a business coach because I had a successful career in major corporations and as an entrepreneur, but, God did not breathe into those areas – I come alive when I help someone reach their God-potential! Yet, he uses all of my business and pastoral experiences to bring insight and perspective to everyone I coach.

Do you plan to coach men, women, teens, or couples? When I first received my coaching certification, I wanted to coach anyone who breathed. But the truth is only certain people benefit from me as their coach and the more I acknowledged how God prepared me and who he prepared me for, I was able to settle into the sweet spot of a successful coaching ministry. I coach mostly women, but any man who is hungry to become all he is meant to be in Jesus and fulfill his destiny becomes the perfect client too.

Which Organization?

If you want to call yourself a life or business coach you should be trained in the International Coach Federation (ICF) standards to learn the Art of Coaching and the heart of a coach. Bethel Coaching trains to ICF standards plus brings Kingdom perspective into every coaching conversation.

Coaching the Heart Certification through Leadership Meta-Formation will release you to bring life-changing heart transformations into every coaching relationship. I’ve taken all 3 of Tony Stoltzfus’ 3.5-day workshops and read all of his books. I use his material every day!

The trend is for ICF certification to eventually become a standard. In addition to my Bethel Certification, I received certification from Christian Coach Institute, which is an ICF Accredited school who’s 16 weeks of training qualifies as the required hours to pursue an ICF Certification. As coaching becomes more mainstream states may begin to license it like many other helping professions.

To become a successful coach in the specialties of Executive, Business, Professional, Health & Wellness, Addiction, etc, I believe a minimum of an ICF accredited school and preferably an ICF Certification is needed. There are many ICF Accredited Coach Training Schools to choose from.

After Certification, Can I Make a Living as a Coach?

It depends. What qualifies you as a coach? Not every coach has to have lived a lifetime of experiences like I have, but it sure helps. It allows me to bring a seasoned perspective that others miss. But what if you’re 25 and you know you want to be a coach? Get trained. Get certified. Join a coaching team. Get into the workplace. Volunteer at your church. Bring your coaching skills into every conversation and watch how God uses you. Find the areas he’s breathing on. Discover what makes you come alive.

It will take intentional effort to be discovered and to create a niche that will make you a living at coaching. Executive, business, and other specialties tend to make more than those in the church.

It’s a Noisy World. How Will I Be Found?

Become a great coach and people will find you. To be a great coach you need to be coached by a great coach. To make a full-time living you’ll want to finely develop your niche and target marketing. Your personal coach can help you. But another alternative is the New Coaches Mastermind I’ll be starting this fall. Watch for details or email me at for more information.

Becoming a great coach is an investment in yourself. It doesn’t come cheaply but it’s worth the cost. The satisfaction of watching the person you’ve been coaching reach their goals is – Heavenly!

How Do I Become a Life Coach?

3 Steps for a Big New Year!

3 Steps to a Big New Year!

3 Small Steps to a Big New Year

Even though Christmas is less than 10 days away, even though you still have presents to buy, meetings to cram in, parties to juggle, or cookies to bake, it’s the perfect time to take these 3 small steps to make 2017 a big New Year to launch your dreams!

Maybe you’ve heard that by now you should already be prepared to jump start 2017 if you want to guarantee success. Are you beginning to feel the remaining moments of 2016 about to slip away? Before you know it, 2017–with all its potential–will arrive!

No worries, there’s still time. You’ve got what it takes. Just start with these 3 little ideas and see how Big 2017 can be.

Step 1: Think about it!

Too simple? You’d be amazed at how many people don’t actually take the time to deliberately think about the future. Think Big! You can’t do it if you can’t dream it! Thinking about your idea is the required first step before you’ll ever get around to building a plan. So, on the way to your next meeting, while waiting for a parking space at the mall, getting ready for the office party, or taking the cookies out of the oven, give your thoughts permission to take a break and disappear into the future. Remember to set the timer for the cookies!

Take a few extra minutes to actually experience your daydream–put yourself in the picture of the future. Linger awhile. What do you see? How does it feel? Who’s with you? Where are you? How did you get there?

You have permission to daydream! Have fun imagining what could be if only … if only you had enough time and money!

And that leads me to step 2.

Step 2: Roadblocks–real or imagined?

No one has enough time or money so just take those off the table. So, what are the other “if only’s” that are keeping you from living out your dreams? This step will require you to take notes. Simply pull out your smart phone and start recording. You’d be amazed at how much processing you can do between stoplights. Start describing everything that you think is in the way of reaching your daydream.

The goal of processing out-loud is to hear yourself say what you believe are roadblocks. You might think some are major when in truth are tiny and trivial. It’s a simple way to identify the great-big-mystery of the future and make it more manageable. Just putting words to what you believe you can’t accomplish can sometimes reveal them as small enough to easily overcome. In this simple process alone, you’ll receive clarity which leads to creative ideas of how to reach your dreams so you can build a plan to get there.

Step 3: You’ve got talent!

You’re on a roll now. While you’ve got your smart phone out, start recording a list all of your talents, skills and experiences that have prepared you for living out your dream. Don’t hold back. Mention even the most insignificant ones, you know the time you won the 9th grade spelling bee, or …

Don’t sell yourself short. You are an amazing talent and all of the experiences and failures of your life have prepared you for the passion that is your future. Grab every experience and glean what you learned from it, how you grew through it, and where you ended up because of it, then use it to your advantage.

Start these 3 Steps to a Big New Year today and by December 31 you’ll be ready to make 2017 the big year of your dreams–the year you begin to fulfill your destiny! And if you need a little help to take the next step, just give me a call.

Blessings to you for an adventurous 2017!

Is Coaching a Life Skill?

Just ask any one of my three step-daughters how coaching has changed me and they can give you an earful. They’d tell you how the introverted one detached, the extroverted one argued, and the pleaser kept pleasing, but no one was satisfied and at times our relationships were darn right ugly.

I have always been a hungry student of life and the pursuit of God. Everything I learned, I thought was my responsibility to give away! Blessed with the spiritual gifts of pastor and teacher–and what a previous pastor once called “exhorter,” I always told people what to do – because I thought I knew! Audaciously, I told a few people I counseled, “if you just do what I tell you to do, then you will get…”

You can use your imagination to get an idea of how well that approach worked in the lives of my teenage step-daughters!

And so I counseled, mentored, discipled and cajoled people into the changes I thought they needed, but saw very limited breakthrough in their lives.

As a high I/D/C on the DISC assessment, I could be very intimidating to a high S (like my husband). By delving into understanding human behavior I am able to identify and adjust my behaviors and conversational styles to accommodate the one I’m communicating with. My hubby is much happier.

Not just coaching skills, but discovering my desire for significance exposed the reasons for doing some of the things I did in the way I did them. The workshops developed and presented by Tony Stoltzfus from Leadership Metaformation Institute have opened my eyes not only to my own deep desires but also of those I meet. I can now easily see how someone’s longing for self-worth, for example, can drive them to go after it in unhealthy or safe ways. These skills have immeasurably helped my coaching ministry, but even more dramatically in understanding and relating with the people I love.

Yes, of course, I owe a lot of my growth to becoming more “seasoned” with age, going deeper into the revelations of God, and literally becoming the message of “God causing all things to work together for my good…” But,

Mastering the art of coaching has changed the very person I was into one who is a great listener, quick to encourage and slow to give advice. I’m a better wife, step-mom and friend because my whole paradigm to what successful relationships look like has changed. And I owe it to learning and mastering the art of coaching.

Add the life skill of coaching to whatever you’re pursuing. It’s not only for professional coaches. It’s for you!

4 Steps to Fulfill Desire (or What’s Better Than a Chocolate Donut!)

4 Steps to Fulfill Desire (or What’s Better Than a Chocolate Donut!)


What’s the longing in your heart? Look inside, if you are willing. Hidden deep beneath the layers of busyness, expectations and even disappointments is your unmet desire that’s longing to be filled.

But by what? By whom? What will satisfy?

When the desire of your heart was that new car, how did it feel a month later? What were your emotions after it’s first scratch? How long did it satisfy? Unmet desire stirs up again and you’re sure that if you could just get that promotion, everything will be great. And so it comes – with more responsibility that causes you to work longer and sleep less. Still unsatisfied, where do you look next?

Where has the Father taken you on your travels to fill your desires? What have you heard? What have you noticed?

Everyday responsibilities and busyness of children and soccer games, getting to work on time, even serving in your ministry, can bring a sense of satisfaction. They temporarily fill you up, giving a false sense of fulfillment, like the latte for breakfast when your body really needed eggs. An hour later you’re starving, a headache begins to settle in, and the chocolate sprinkle donut in the break room is begging to be eaten.

The truth is there is another way to fulfilling the deepest desires of your heart. Here are 4 Steps to explore how to fulfill your desires.

  1. Make a list of what you think will fulfill you. What are they? Finding your soul mate? Your child making the right college choice? Complete healing for your body? A ten thousand dollar a year increase? Owning your first home? Finally taking your dream trip?
  2. Next to each item on your list, write down all the possible great outcomes and deep desires you hope to be filled. Go deep. What will each fulfilled desire give you? Write down the words to your feelings.
  3. Describe the feelings and emotions you will experience if they are NOT fulfilled? Try to identify the deepest desire that’s not being met? What’s behind those desires? What are you really longing be have? Significance? Belonging? Connection? Love? Worth? Peace? Approval?
  4. Note how many of your deepest desires are dependent on another person. Be realistic. How likely are they to happen if they depend on another. Rate the likelihood on a scale of 1 – 7 with 7 representing “this is absolutely going to happen”. Anything less than “7” is a risky place to put your dreams.

Most of us stop at Step 1 with no idea what the real desire is behind the dream we’re pursuing. Convinced everything will be perfect if we can just get what we want, we go after it without a clue of what we’re longing to fulfill. Empty, we’ve set ourselves up for the cycle to repeat.

What’s the answer? Go to the One who can meet them. Security, acceptance, belonging, love and every one of your deepest desires are met in the sweet relationship of His love for you. He won’t leave you with that empty feeling like the hour after you’ve eaten a chocolate sprinkle donut.

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