This Christian Art and Prophetic Word is a Call to the Church.

“Awake O, Sleeping Giant! It’s Time to Come Out of the Shadows!”

For several days, I have felt prompted to write a message calling us, the saints, to wake up and be alert to the world’s tactic to silence us through the fear and intimidation of this global pandemic. Daily, we are bombarded with diabolic confusion in an effort to instill hopelessness and thereby silence us.

When I began to write, the Lord reminded me of a prophetic word He gave me on March 18 but never publicly released. He expanded on that word today. Therefore, I am releasing both the original word from March 18, 2020 along with the expanded word just given. 

Now, it’s time to awake and come out of the shadows! It’s time to charge. My original Christian Art painting ties directly with this Prophetic Word.

Listen to the sound of his voice

Dig. Resist. Engage. Persist.

Dig into who I called you to be. Did you hear me when I called you? Do you believe it? Nothing has changed. You’re still mine. You’re still equipped. The quirky, unique spark I placed within you is for others. I’ve called you to impact those around you.”

Resist the urge to give up. This pause is for your good. While the world around you feels like it’s spinning off course, you have been given a gift. Time is My precious gift for you. Remember when you said, ‘if only I had more?’ Now is the time. Reflect. Rest. Catch your breath. Breathe deeply!”

Engage with Me. Will you pour out the extravagant gift I just gave you over Me? Your love poured out as time is like honey on My lips. The hourglass of shifting sand is a love incense to Me. You delight Me. Listen. The voice that sounds familiarly similar to yours is Mine. Now, close your eyes. Do you see Me? I’m here for you. You’re the only one on My mind. You have My full attention.”

Persist past every discouraging thought that clouds your dreams. Confusion and fear will smother your hopes quicker than water on fire. Nothing is impossible for Me and with Me, nothing is impossible – for you!  Remember, together we died and were buried. I raised you up with Me in heavenly places. Let’s work out your next step together from the truth of who I see you as – anointed and called for this time.”

It’s interesting to see how the Lord intended the first part of the lockdown as precious time to become more deeply rooted in His love. I believe the first few months of the shutdown were a season of rest and deep discovery of Jesus. I hope you have prepared. Because there has been a shift. The church is being called forward. This is our hour. We must respond. 

Beginning July 6, 2020, the Lord gave me the same words with a different purpose.

Listen to the sound of his voice

Dig. Resist. Engage. Persist.

Dig deeply for the gold I’ve hidden for you and in you. While the enemy means to destroy you, I am with you bringing hope and clarity. The enemy is clouding every thought with confusion. You must see past his tactics and dig. Dig deeply. Strong towers have deep foundations. Fortify your foundation in Me, establish the bunker of knowing who you are and how I the Lord have prepared you.”

Resist the enemy. Resist complacency. This is not the time to go underground. Faith in action. It’s time to resist those who say, ‘be quiet!’ Instead, listen to ME and follow My lead. I have called you by name. I will lead you. I am the commander of the hosts.”

Engage with the fight for freedom. Now is the time to stand in your beliefs and hold fast to truth. Coronavirus, while destructive is not your enemy. Succumbing is. Falling back in line will not win. You will only be pushed back further for every inch you give. This is a season of engaging in the battle. It’s time to fight!”

Persist in your faith. Persist in prayer. Persist in Heaven’s persistence to release love, grace, mercy, and joy. Persist in an unwavering commitment to your King’s values and purpose. Anything short of that is surrender.”

“Take your stand. It’s time to come out of the shadows. It’s time to wake up! It’s time to charge!”

I created this Christian Art on Easter weekend. It’s Time to Come Out of the Shadows.

The Charge! Christian Art and Prophetic Word

The Charge! It’s time to awake, O Sleeping Giant. It’s time to come out of the shadows. Christian Art and Prophetic Word

The Charge

Awake, O Sleeping Giant

Come out of the Shadows

Stop Hiding

Now is Your time

Open Your Eyes

Stand Your Ground

Take Your Stance

Stomp the Earth

Shake off the DUST

Declare Who You Are!

It’s Time to Wake Up!

It’s Time to Declare

It’s Time to Charge!

Arise and Shine for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord is Risen upon you! Isaiah 60:1

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