Christian Life Coaching partners with Holy Spirit to uncover the treasure box of YOU that God created uniquely for our generation and its future.

Christian Life Coaching Creates The Atmosphere For Transformational Change

Coaching creates the environment for you to experience "The Aha Moment" that results in transformational change. Anyone can create a list of goals and objectives and ask you to slog through them towards your desired end. But, transformation brings those goals into the present and can virtually change your DNA leading to a new reality!

Coaching begins by creating a safe atmosphere to help you discover what God has for you. As your Christian Life Coach, I become a mirror for you to reflect back your own creative ideas and imagination and I partner with you to discover your design and your purpose. Together, we explore self-sabotaging behaviors and explore creative, "out-of-the-box" possible solutions. I provide the safety net for your creative thinking and imagination - giving you permission to go beyond the obvious. Working together I will help you step over obstacles and create a vitally important environment of healthy accountability to help you reach your goals, dreams, and passions.

Coaching helps you move forward by uncovering the ideas, answers, directions, and dreams already within you!

Coaching Involves Self Discovery.

Coaching assists in granting clarity to your vision of the future and then partners to ensure action. It’s an exciting process filled with hope and adventure. You see, we are all extraordinary and it's God's desire for you live out your extraordinary life.

Coaching combines your desire to be whole and healthy with a focus on the future. It’s distinct from discipleship or inner healing because the aim is to move forward. Christian Life Coaching is not counseling. It is for reasonably healthy people who are simply stuck in a dead-end job, stuck in pursuing their dreams, stuck in overcoming negative behaviors, stuck trying to find their purpose in life, stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle, or stuck trying to grow into the image of Christ.

Live Intentionally

Living your life the way God created you takes intentionality - it doesn't happen by itself.

Partnering with me as your Christian Life Coach is the intentional step you can take to begin your life's purpose journey designed to help you live the life you've dreamed of, prayed for, hoped for, wished for, or watched others live.



What can I expect in a coaching session?

During our coaching sessions, we’ll dig up the clues in your life to discover how you’ve already been prepared for the journey. We’ll reawaken old dreams and discover true passions. We’ll use assessments such as DISC (Human Behavior), Life Satisfaction, Spiritual Gifts, and Values Clarifications as springboards to self-revelation. We’ll mine what God has already shown you and we’ll listen for new direction. We’ll identify and remove obstacles that have blocked you along the way or find the way around them. You’ll create weekly action steps that propel you always forward. As your coach, I’ll champion you on your discovery toward reaching your purpose. Our Christian Life Coaching journey together will bring you to a place of deep satisfaction knowing you are securely on the path to fulfilling God’s plan for you – the unique plan only you are designed to fulfill.

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