Give the Gift of Coaching

  • Coaching makes a great gift for the young woman in your life who really wants to reach her potential and destiny.

  • It’s perfect for the woman transitioning from the role of mother to her next season.

  • Coaching is a “walk-alongside blessing” for women trying to find themselves, their purpose, and discover their new normal after the loss from death or divorce.

  • A Christian Life Coach can be the perfect partner to help you start or grow your business, write the book you’ve been dreaming of, or release your creativity to the world!

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Christian Coaching Package of 4 sessions to help you reach your God-inspired dreams!


Why give the gift of Life Coaching with Claudia?

So many of us have dreams and desires that we have no idea how to pursue. Some of us have even given up dreaming about the future because success seemed impossible. But God has put a unique gift and purpose within each one of us to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. When we partner with God in this way, it brings complete satisfaction and joy like nothing else. People need an outside perspective to help them see and think beyond their current vision capacity. Coaching brings that to you. By partnering with Holy Spirit, I will listen to your dreams, ideas, fears, and questions to help you look through Heaven’s lenses to see from a different perspective. I’ll lead you straight to the source to get answers. I’ll encourage and motivate. I’ll help establish accountability through practical action steps to move you forward. I’ve been coaching professionally for 4 years and prior to that I have mentored and discipled women for over 20 years. I’ve co-planted and pastored a church, I’ve worked in Fortune 500 companies, I’ve launced my own clothing store – I have a lot of life experiences that can help create pathways for success to reach your dreams. $340 special pricing saves $40 off the standard price, PLUS, allows you to add additional sessions at the same special price!

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