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Are limiting beliefs restricting God’s destiny over your life?

Maybe more than you realize!

It’s time to receive His heart for you.

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It’s true. 

Everything you are… 

The person you are called to be.

The assignment He’s called you to.

The future God designed for only you to fulfill… 

Is anchored in what you believe. 

Yes about Him…

But What Do You Believe About You?

Do these thoughts sound familiar?

  • Am I good enough? Deserving enough?

  • Can I have a genuine friendship with God? 

  • Will I ever be able to clearly hear His voice?

  • Will He approve?

  • Am I really His beloved? 

  • How do I ever forgive myself?

  • Having spent thousands of hours coaching, mentoring and discipling others, the one thing I see holding people back boils down to this-

    Truly Knowing Your Identity In Christ

    Why Create This e-course?

    Too many of us don’t actually live from the truth of Jesus’ love and approval. This course will help you discover those beliefs keeping you from walking in your destiny!

    Start Today

    Watch This Brief Trailer From Day One

    It’s time to believe what Jesus has to say about you!

    Let's hear out some of the success stories

    “Over the past few weeks I feel Jesus is taking me on a journey to LEARN to love myself. Much deeper than in the past.”

    Sharon N.

    “My favourite day was day 5. Both the painting and the accompanying words were powerful. Perhaps it built on previous days, but I also know that phrases such as ‘the treasure map of love’ will always touch me. That day my heart really came alive.”

    Sue B.

    “My favorite thing was the paintings. I loved how they depicted the Love of Jesus and the way the title of each lesson corresponded.”

    Gail R.


    Discover what Jesus really thinks about you. What does he mean in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the thoughts I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”?

    This e-course was designed to help you settle once-and-for-all the unanswered questions you have about you.

    5 private sessions with me would be more than $700

    But you get this 5-part course for only


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    Put To Rest What God Thinks About You And…

    • See & accept yourself as God sees & accepts you

    • Remove inner-roadblocks to the success He has for you

    • Accomplish your goals with God’s confidence

    • Finally dream together with Father-God

    • Overcome negative beliefs about your value

    If you’ve been on the fence with life coaching because you wonder if it’s worth the investment, this course is a perfect place to begin.


    1. On a scale of 1-7, how would you rate your friendship with Jesus?

    2. What made you rate it that way?

    3. If you’d like a better friendship with Jesus, what is in the way? If you’re not sure, ask Jesus. Write down your discovery.

    4. How did you respond to Jesus saying, “I already approve you?”

    Why This Course?

    I was only 40 when a friend asked me to meet with her adult daughter to help her understand herself from God’s view. That launched my calling to help others become who Jesus already sees them as — vibrant, thriving, Kingdom believers fulfilling their own destiny.Most of any self-sabotaging behaviors you might have are often wrapped up in beliefs formed from circumstance or experience and not always based in truth. I can help you see those beliefs and choose to overcome them to fulfill your destiny.

    I believe every “failure” is a qualifier for what lays ahead for you. I believe nothing is impossible for God which means nothing is impossible for you if you pursue his dreams for your life and believe what he says about you. God sees you as qualified for the assignment he’s given you. My job is to help you get there!

    Coaching Packages


    Biblical truths are presented through creative expressions- spoken first-person words from Jesus, original art and music, combined with powerful coaching questions to target the center of your beliefs and dispel lies, heal emotions and to set you free to begin to fulfill your destiny! 

    No matter where you are along your journey, this e-course will give you the tools to uncover those sneaky and debilitating beliefs that have crept in to hold you back! 

    The 5-part e-course will lead you through a personal inner-healing journey, combined with powerful coaching sessions that will help you make huge strides towards your destiny.


    1. Welcome to Dare to Discover You!


    1. Day One Introduction and Prayer

    2. Day One–Happy Together Video Presentation

    3. Happy Together Words of Jesus

    4. Day One–Happy Together Discovery Dig

    5.Day One Wrap Up


    1. Day Two Intro and Prayer

    2. Day Two – He Delights In You Video Presentation

    3. Day Two – He Delights in You! Words of Jesus

    4. Day Two- He Delights in You! Discovery Dig


    1. Day Three–Friend Video Presentation

    2. Day Three – Friend – Words of Jesus

    3. Day Three–Friend–Discovery Dig

    4. Day Three Wrap Up


    1. Day Four–Intro and Prayer

    2. Day Four–Jubilant Jesus Video Presentation

    3. Day Four–Jubilant Jesus– Discovery Dig

    4. Day Four–Jubilant Jesus–Words of Jesus


    1. Day Five–The Invitation Video Presentation

    2. Day Five–The Invitation–Words of Jesus

    3. Day Five–The Invitation–Discovery Dig

    4. Congratulations & What’s Next

    5. Connect with Me


    A Tale of Two Participants

    1. Linda had been my coaching client, is a church leader, course developer, speaker, and author. She was hungry to step more fully into her calling.

    2. Jody had never been coached before but taking this course sparked a hunger for more and launched her into seeking greater discovery about her destiny and calling.

    Both women joined my group coaching membership after participating in the Dare to Discover You! Challenge

    Hear what Linda has to say…

    Listen to Jody’s breakthrough…

    Believe that He uses everything to prepare you for your destiny!

    Take Advantage of This Low-risk Offer Before It Ends

    5 coaching & inner healing sessions would normally be over $700

    $700 $29.97

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