Get Your Peace of Joy

You can Get Your Peace of Joy because Peace and Joy are intricately connected. You can’t have one without the other. Today, I’ll show you how to find Peace that surpasses your understanding.

Get Your Peace of Joy

The counterpart to Joy is Peace. Jesus is our Peace. So connecting with Him is the way to both Peace and Joy! You can watch the video here.

I hope you’ve been reading since the beginning of this journey to find sustainable joy. Today you’re going to learn about the flip side of joy, which is peace, and how you can’t have one without the other. You can watch the video here

Joy and Peace are Very Different Experiences

Joy is that exhilarating but brief moment of a deep feeling that’s been triggered when you’re with someone who’s happy to be with you. JOY is an emotion that never lasts continually. I think that confuses people when the high of joy disappears and peace comes in its place. You may be tempted to believe, as I did, that somehow I was doing something wrong when joy left so quickly. Joy comes and goes as you experience it in brief encounters for brief moments. Peace follows. Peace is what remains.

What is Peace?

Peace. Simply uttering the word seems to illicit a deep breath and a slowing of my heartbeat. It’s the cry of my soul to have it. Do you feel it? Peace is the natural flow of emotion that remains when JOY is finished.

Joy is the high-energy feeling of shared excitement. Peace is the low-energy feeling of contentment. It is the feeling of being safe, calm, and connected.

Joy is the key to emotional capacity. But to understand it fully, you must realize that it is always the rhythm of joy and rest, that includes peace and contentment. Joy should always end in rest. If you’re out with friends participating in a fun activity, that joyful time should lead to a time of quiet later on. The high joy followed by the low-level quiet creates a complete experience that grows your capacity for more joy.

Can I Choose Joy?

Joy is a feeling, not a choice, that takes place in your joy-center, the right hemisphere of the brain. But, while you can’t choose to feel joy, you can choose to do things that make joy more likely. Choosing to spend some time with Jesus to initiate a 2-way free-flowing conversation with Him is the perfect setup to find Joy and Peace. The choice to do that is made in the left hemisphere, the part that’s so good at problem-solving. So when you’re not feeling very joyful, you can choose to do something that you know will produce the feeling of joy! Then to see the cycle complete itself, make sure it ends in peace which is the quiet, calm time that followed the high-energy joy. One way I experience the cycle of joy and peace is when I’m actively participating in worship and praise of the Lord during Sunday service. Singing along with the music, and watching dancers and artists create a joyful experience for me. I often say ‘worship is like a contact sport for me” because I love to clap and dance around, and really lose myself in unrestrained expressions of love to the Lord. It can be very high energy. But, sometimes, I will sit down in the middle of it to rest and connect with His Peace, His presence. It happens naturally. I’m not even aware I’m experiencing the cycle of joy.

Get Your Peace of Joy

Thinking about my favorite verse, (it’s so hard to declare a favorite isn’t it?), but I do so love Eph 2:14 which says, “He Himself is our Peace.” During worship, I allow myself to picture Jesus in the room. Sometimes He is standing with me as I look in my mind’s eye, receiving my love or even dancing around the room with me. Sometimes, he’s seated high above the stage on his Heavenly throne. But regardless of how I see him, I begin to experience His Peace. While Jesus releases peace to us, He Is Our Peace, which means when we are with him, we have peace. According to this scripture, he has broken down the middle wall of division between us, having abolished in His flesh the enmity, that is, the law of commandments contained in an ordinance so as to create in himself one new man from the two thus making peace, That he might reconcile them both to God in one body through the cross thereby putting to death the enmity. Because through him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father.

Because Jesus broke down the division between man and God through his body, he became Peace. So spending time with Peace, Jesus, is a perfect way to live the cycle of joy and peace.

Quieting is the Natural Way to Peace

Peace is also the natural way of quieting ourselves. Brain scientists have observed that when babies experience high-energy joyful encounters, they will turn away and quiet themselves briefly before they reengage with the stimulation that is producing joy. 

This cycle produces and grows capacity in the brains of babies. The same thing can grow in us. The more easily we experience high-energy joy followed by the quiet and rest of peace, we are growing our own capacity for emotional resilience.

Practice the Presence of Peace

Here’s a little exercise you can deliberately do to experience peace with Jesus.

  • Sit in a quiet, undistracted place. Ask Jesus for a peaceful memory.
  • Let yourself relive that memory.
  • Make note of the details of the scene. Enjoy reliving the peace you experienced then.
  • Ask Jesus what does he wants you to know right now that would give you peace?
  • Then ask Jesus, how would you like to increase my peace right now?
  • Make note of what difference it will make to you when you do what he suggested? What effect does it have on your mind and body?
  • This process integrates the experience with learning because your left brain can realize that actually stopping to ask God how to get peace does make a difference. Then you realize that you can choose to do that again anytime you want!

I hope this brief journey to find joy followed by peace was helpful to you. Let me know what you experienced.

You might be surprised to find out that I am not a brain scientist! Much of what I’ve learned about Joy and Peace is from Marcus Warner’s book, Building Bounce: how to grow emotional resilience from Deeper Walk International and Jim Wilder of Life Model Work: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You. I use much of their discoveries in all of my coaching and heart-healing sessions. Click on the links to purchase.

You Can Get Your Peace of Joy

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I hope you have begun to experience a moment or two of the cycle of joy and peace and can now put into practice the choice of returning to it whenever you want.

Until next week, may the Lord lead you to find the cycle of Joy and Peace that will lead you to the source of Sustainable Joy, Jesus!