Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve made your Kingdom destiny plans and begin to take precise steps to implement them. Progress is good, you might even say, successful. Feeling God smiling on your project when suddenly, something else becomes your priority and you become distracted. Sound familiar?


If you’re like me you never run out of challenging ideas! Because I tire myself out with all the ideas I want to share with you, should I assume they can’t be from the Holy Spirit?


How do I stay focused to accomplish my Kingdom destiny when I am constantly dreaming up new projects or ideas?


Maybe you’re more cautious or “disciplined” with idea generation to be sure you get it right. Do past failures keep you from trying something new because another “failure” is not an option? Are you waiting to hear from God before you step into something new?

What Are We to Do?


I just kept podcasting until I got too busy (and exhausted) with the ‘other ideas!’ Do you remember my Dare to Discover You Facebook Challenge and the launch of my group coaching membership called Coaching Your Kingdom Journey?
These good ideas sucked time and energy away from my podcast and caused an unplanned season break on my podcast, Your Kingdom Journey! But were they wrong to pursue?
One-on-one Christian Life Coaching is a valuable gift if you can prioritize the financial commitment together with the time, energy, and focus needed to deliberately pursue your aligned Kingdom destiny with God.
Every one of us has a desperate need to discover our identity as believers to navigate the hostile world we live in. Learning how to live as a victorious overcomer is a lifetime journey. It’s worth it.


Why I Podcast

This is why I podcast. Anyone can listen to a podcast anywhere. With almost 1,500 downloads I feel God’s pleasure! He is honoring my promise to Him to freely share what I’ve learned. Interviews with other Kingdom travelers give you valuable insights and experiences you won’t receive anywhere else.


Season 2 of Your Kingdom Journey will launch August 5 with a lineup of amazing Kingdom adventurers who will release overcoming strategies to inspire and motivate you on your own adventure! Here’s a preview:

  • Susan–passionate to stop the Alzheimer’s destruction she witnessed with her mom led to an incredible connection and discovery;
  • Melissa–followed God’s prompting to launch a women’s Kingdom movement that has reached over 40 countries in just 2 months;
  • Niyi–a Nigerian immigrant, discovered how God is good in every situation and now encourages others through his YouTube channel;
  • Gina–overcame paralyzing anxiety to lead others to the same freedom;
  • Jessi– experienced God’s supernatural love and deliverance from a 7-year heroin addiction;
  • and many others!


Even though my podcast is free and doesn’t produce income, I continue to invest in its production. Beyond what I currently spend for podcast hosting, syndication, and remote recording service, I’ve hired Melinda to help with editing and posting. You will meet Melinda and hear her story early in Season 2.


I am all in and fully committed to bringing inspiring podcast interviews!


How Would You Answer?

…But, still, these questions remain. How would you answer?


…Should I have pursued my unplanned ideas?

…Did God drop these ideas into my heart or were they just my own?

…Is it OK to let something drop to pursue the other? When?

…How will I know?

…How do I get passed past failures to go after the Holy Spirit ‘idea bomb’?


I can’t answer definitively for every person in every situation, but in my case, I followed the Holy Spirit’s lead. My e-course, Dare to Discover You!, was birthed out of the Facebook Challenge. Since creating this e-course, I’m already brainstorming the next one.


What about you?


How does the Holy Spirit partner with your Kingdom destiny?


What are some of your experiences as you follow your Kingdom destiny? I’d love to know!


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