Let your heart be refreshed with a Love Letter from Jesus

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Strong, caring, skilled, flexible, calm, curious, witty, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading is how I've experienced Claudia. Plus, she earnestly encourages me to grasp the truth Jesus is trying to show me. I've grown in intimacy with Him and made discoveries about myself resulting in greater freedom. 

- Sandi S.

Heart Healing and Coaching

Spiritual Transformation Coaching

Spiritual Transformation Coaching is a journey towards self-discovery and improved communication with oneself and God. It isn't merely about healing; it's also about growth and taking control of your life in profound ways. It involves meditating on God's word, visualizing His presence in your mind's eye, and truly connecting with Him. This form of coaching aims to equip you to handle unexpected situations better and live life from a place of rest. Through spiritual transformation coaching, you gain the tools to navigate life confidently and competently while deepening your intimacy with God. It's like taking coaching lessons for life—lessons that can spark significant transformations and a deeper understanding of oneself.

HeartSync Inner Healing

The HeartSync inner healing model is a distinctive heart healing modality, focusing on the synchronization of your heart with God's grace. Developed by Father Andrew Miller, a clinical psychologist who was later ordained within the Anglican Church, this approach has gained immense recognition for its transformative power. At its core, HeartSync emphasizes direct encounters with Jesus, creating an intimate, healing connection. Regardless of whether you find visualizing these encounters challenging, guidance is available to facilitate the use of your sanctified imagination. It's a gentle process designed to bring deep, inner healing by aligning your heart with divine love and wisdom.

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See What Our Best Clients Are Saying...

"Claudia has accelerated my growth and sparked transformation in more profound ways than I ever thought possible.""I was confident, competent, and curious before, but now I'm living from a place of fullness that's equipped me to handle unexpected situations better and live life from a place of rest."

Sandi S.

”Before these sessions, my heart had felt forsaken by God. It now overflows with gratitude and thanksgiving.

"If you are experiencing disappointment in your walk with Jesus and/or are looking to deepen your relationship with Him and the Father, I can’t recommend heart healing enough and sessions with Claudia are a great place to start."

Robynn C.

"I have NEVER been able to surrender and completely trust. I do now. My body and head feel different. I am calm and all of the negative emotions I had...anger, frustration, questioning everything...are gone. This is the most amazing gift. You are an angel and sent to me from above."

Robyn V.

You Can't Fulfill Your Kingdom Destiny Without The Joyful Presence of Jesus!