A little over a year ago, I was in desperate need of healing and direction in my life. I had felt that my life was stuck! I had the head knowledge that God was with me and how He had a great plan for me, but struggled with truly embracing it. Through my coaching sessions with Claudia, I have seen my life transform in powerful ways. She helped me seek God for healing and forgiveness. I believe in wholeness and the importance of living in freedom. Claudia is a God-led woman who has blessed me with this journey to wholeness. Claudia has been so insightful in coaching me to identify some of the issues, struggles and sins that kept me from reaching my full potential. She helped me to gain confidence in my relationship with Christ and discern what was missing in this relationship. Claudia’s love, support, discernment, honesty and encouragement helped me to truly understand God’s love for me. I am a more confident and empowered person because of the coaching sessions I have with Claudia. If you have ever asked yourself, “What does God have planned for me?” but, you have no way of figuring it out–you should seek Claudia to help you in your journey. She has been such a tremendous blessing and gift of God to me. I am truly thankful to have someone like Claudia journeying with me in this time of my life.

Barbara C.

Preschool Teacher

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The first time I walked into Claudia’s home office I had minimal understanding of what a life coach actually does. What I did know was that I was feeling stuck and unfulfilled in my professional life and that a good family friend couldn’t speak highly enough of the way Claudia had impacted her life over the past year. I decided to meet with Claudia with the hope of exploring new potential career paths and ultimately discovering God’s grand purpose for my life. What I gained instead was a fundamental reworking of some core beliefs about how I view the world, how I view myself, how I view the heart of the Father, and a deeper understanding of what makes my heart feel alive – in short, a radical shift in perspective of my everyday life and circumstances. I now feel much better positioned to both live well in the moment and to partner with Jesus in looking towards the future.

Pete H.

Husband, Father, Data Team Lead

My coaching sessions with Claudia were marked by personal growth, discovery, and renewed hope. Prior to meeting with her, I felt stuck and frustrated with life. Claudia helped me overcome some unhealthy thought processes and perspectives that were affecting many areas of my life including my business, creativity, and ability to dream about the future. Her wealth of experience in coaching, business, pastoral counseling, and inner healing makes for a rich combination from which she shares with her clients. I recommend her as a coach whether you need business advice, counsel, or a plan to get unstuck, Claudia facilitates the opportunity to change with wisdom and encouragement.


Music Teacher, Singer, Songwriter

I believe strongly in living intentionally and pursuing one’s calling. So after a recent relocation of my family, career and ministry, I knew I was in a season of transition and needed someone to help me process and discern my new assignment. As a professional marriage and family therapist and life coach, myself, I believe in doing the very things I ask my clients to do: ask for help and process with someone. I searched and found exactly what I was looking for in Claudia. Claudia is first and foremost a Spirit-led woman of God who is highly gifted and educated in this field. She was excellent at keeping a verbally processing visionary like me focused and on task with our coaching goals. She was also able to discern when times of healing or insight was needed that was a bit more “outside the box”. I loved the individualized and balanced approach she offered. It was just what I needed. I have already recommended her to friends and colleagues and I highly recommend her to you as well.

Cindy Hatcher

MFT, Life Coach

I went to Claudia Klann with new revelations stirring in me and she was able to coach me through a place of new vision and renewed life. She was very observant and able to keep me focused on the task at hand. I appreciated her spiritual discernment which was revealed by her asking just the right questions to bring me to many AHA moments. Her maturity in the Word of God and in counseling gave me the confidence to trust her in the process. Within 30 days I was transformed!

Marlene Allen

Missionary and Author

Claudia is one of the most amazing women I know. She is so insightful and gracious. I found it easy to explain my life’s story to her and when I did her response filled me with a sense of value and affirmation. I rely on her to remind me of my identity and calling, and I trust her candor as I process my life’s purpose.

Rev. Elizabeth Woning


Through coaching with Claudia, I have experienced an increase of confidence as a leader and coach, clarity concerning identity, calling and divine destiny, and consistency in my emotional and spiritual health. Having Claudia as my coach had been a huge support as I have just come through a major transitional season while successfully maintaining healthy relationships and not burning bridges. Claudia is a constant source of encouragement, support, believe, and strength to me. For over a year  she has coached me on everything from diet, Life balance, relationships, and family dynamics, to leadership, major transitions in ministry and life, and divine alignment. And in every coaching session I have, Claudia has been my biggest cheerleader besides Jesus. ? She sees things in me and calls them forth that I even have never in seen myself! If you are wondering whether or not you need a coach, the answer is: “Yes, you do!” Everyone does! And Claudia will be amazing to you, too – I just know it!

Emily Florian

Women's Ministry Leader, Life Coach, Homeschooler, Entrepreneur

I was at an impasse after my engagement break-up and my huge disappointment with my church community. Claudia helped me to reframe and get moving again on my passion to pursue a second career. Because of Claudia’s no-nonsense style with me (she knew exactly how to handle my type A personality) I am now in New York pursuing my dream of becoming a chaplain. Get coached to start doing and stop wasting time dreaming!

Dawn Q.

Chaplain, USAR

The work I’ve done with Claudia has shaped who I am today. I met Claudia shortly after a cancer diagnosis at 32. Together we turned what felt like a death sentence into a time of overcoming fears, standing on God’s promises, hope, and life. Through life mapping Claudia helped me to gain perspective on the various seasons of life. I can now see the treasures and deposits that God has placed into me through very difficult times. I have a greater clarity on how God has used these seasons to equip me for the calling he has over my life. The transformation that occurred in me on the inside was also seen on the outside as she guided me through changes in hair, makeup, clothes, and diet. I have another friend that started to work with Claudia this past year and we both love working with her and agree on how much we have been changed by our times with her. I highly recommend Claudia.

Megan Osterlund

Math Teacher & Homeschool Mom, Cancer Survivor, 37

My name is Katherine, I’m 29 years old and I have been working with Claudia for a year. I was introduced to Claudia through a friend and I appreciated the idea of a life coach to help me process the many events that were going on in my life at the time. Since then our time together has become focused around using a workbook titled a “Leaders Life Purpose” by Tony Stolzfus. I have really appreciated working with Claudia in this process of discovering my “life purpose.” She has been influential in helping me to verbalize my values and discover who I am at the core. One of the greatest discoveries was recognizing my core value for peace when I thought it was something very different. Claudia really works with you and what you want to focus on. She brings Holy Spirit into every session and goes where He leads and where you want to focus. I highly recommend her. So much so I referred my mom to her!

Katherine Herman


As a mature Christian I know my relationship with Jesus is always developing and changing in some way. For many of the formative and foundational years of my faith, God would lead me as a parent might instruct and safeguard a child. However over the past couple of decades I have entered into a relationship more akin to a partnership or marriage. While I trust God, I am less confident in my ability to hear and know what, where and how God is leading me. As my life coach, Claudia Klann, has helped me undercover false ways of thinking leading to spiritual and mental barriers hindering my relationship with God. With Claudia’s insightful and inspired coaching I have more confidence and a clearer understanding of how to better collaborate with God to become the man he already knows I am and walk more confidently in every aspect of my life.

Tim Shearer

Colonel, Army Reserve (Retired); City Administrator, Georgia

Claudia is an amazing woman with a mother’s heart.  Her desire to see me get breakthrough, and to guide me in discerning the practical steps necessary to walk in my destiny have been extremely helpful.  She has discerned when my heart has needed ministry, and when I have need to process more recent changes in my circumstances.  She has traveled the bumpy and sometimes windy road of discovery alongside of me with encouragement and laughter.  Her priceless wisdom and heart for “the one” have blessed me tremendously, and I know she will bless many through her coaching gift.

April Montini

Ministry Coordinator, Teacher, Mother, Wife

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