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How Do I Become a Life Coach?

As coaching has become more mainstream and talked about, a week doesn’t go by without receiving a call or email from someone who wants to “drain my brain” about what it takes to become a life coach. I’d like to let you in on a sample conversation in the hopes it will help you navigate your interest in becoming a Coach.

Do I Need to Be Certified?


But the type of certification depends on the type of coach you want to be. Ask yourself “Who are you called to coach?”. Who have you identified as the unique people group that you’re called to coach? The potential list of coaching specialties is extensive – Executive, Business, Corporate, Professional, Transitional, Arts & Entertainment, Life, Family, Pastors or Church Leadership, Spiritual Growth and Destiny, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Addiction, Sexual Health, and many others.

Who has God prepared you to coach? For example, I chose to become a Christian Life Coach who focuses on Spiritual Growth and Destiny because 20 years sooner, God used me to bring spiritual growth to many people who were struggling to believe His word as personal promises for their lives. I had been “coaching” people for most of my adult life before it was ever called coaching and before I learned the Art of Coaching. I considered becoming a business coach because I had a successful career in major corporations and as an entrepreneur, but, God did not breathe into those areas – I come alive when I help someone reach their God-potential! Yet, he uses all of my business and pastoral experiences to bring insight and perspective to everyone I coach.

Do you plan to coach men, women, teens, or couples? When I first received my coaching certification, I wanted to coach anyone who breathed. But the truth is only certain people benefit from me as their coach and the more I acknowledged how God prepared me and who he prepared me for, I was able to settle into the sweet spot of a successful coaching ministry. I coach mostly women, but any man who is hungry to become all he is meant to be in Jesus and fulfill his destiny becomes the perfect client too.

Which Organization?

If you want to call yourself a life or business coach you should be trained in the International Coach Federation (ICF) standards to learn the Art of Coaching and the heart of a coach. Bethel Coaching trains to ICF standards plus brings Kingdom perspective into every coaching conversation.

Coaching the Heart Certification through Leadership Meta-Formation will release you to bring life-changing heart transformations into every coaching relationship. I’ve taken all 3 of Tony Stoltzfus’ 3.5-day workshops and read all of his books. I use his material every day!

The trend is for ICF certification to eventually become a standard. In addition to my Bethel Certification, I received certification from Christian Coach Institute, which is an ICF Accredited school who’s 16 weeks of training qualifies as the required hours to pursue an ICF Certification. As coaching becomes more mainstream states may begin to license it like many other helping professions.

To become a successful coach in the specialties of Executive, Business, Professional, Health & Wellness, Addiction, etc, I believe a minimum of an ICF accredited school and preferably an ICF Certification is needed. There are many ICF Accredited Coach Training Schools to choose from.

After Certification, Can I Make a Living as a Coach?

It depends. What qualifies you as a coach? Not every coach has to have lived a lifetime of experiences like I have, but it sure helps. It allows me to bring a seasoned perspective that others miss. But what if you’re 25 and you know you want to be a coach? Get trained. Get certified. Join a coaching team. Get into the workplace. Volunteer at your church. Bring your coaching skills into every conversation and watch how God uses you. Find the areas he’s breathing on. Discover what makes you come alive.

It will take intentional effort to be discovered and to create a niche that will make you a living at coaching. Executive, business, and other specialties tend to make more than those in the church.

It’s a Noisy World. How Will I Be Found?

Become a great coach and people will find you. To be a great coach you need to be coached by a great coach. To make a full-time living you’ll want to finely develop your niche and target marketing. Your personal coach can help you. But another alternative is the New Coaches Mastermind I’ll be starting this fall. Watch for details or email me at claudia@claudiaklann.com for more information.

Becoming a great coach is an investment in yourself. It doesn’t come cheaply but it’s worth the cost. The satisfaction of watching the person you’ve been coaching reach their goals is – Heavenly!