Bride VectorSLCJesus is the One who tapped my shoulder one day and said, “Come follow Me.”

“I am the One who knows you – who knows you have that longing in your heart to be loved, to be known – that hole that can’t be filled by anyone or anything.”

And so I followed Him and the hole was filled with a love so immense and pure.

His love for me and you is unstoppable. He left Heaven to bring me back with Him. I am His bride.

He is the One who took me as His own – fiercely defending and protecting me at every turn. Only when I decide to venture off our “together path” do I stumble. But when I look for Him, instantly Jesus is there to pick me up, still smiling, never condemning.

He is the One who is Ruler of the universe, more than ruler, He created it. Yet, He’d rather spend time with me! How can that be? If I were that important I would have nothing to do with me or the other insignificant ones. I would selfishly bask in all the praise and glory. But He is the One who’s always listening for my call and wants more than angel worship, to be with me! One soft cry from my lips and He stops everything to listen and when I let out my next breath Jesus is right next to me.

He is the One who became my sin, all my filth, dirt, anger, and envy, so I could be spared. He literally went through Hell for me. Who would make such a sacrifice for me? How could He love me so much? Why does He love me so much?

He is the One who has no beginning and no end. So majestic, beautiful, lovely and pure. He is holy, Royal, Captain and High Priest. He is my creator, savior, helper and friend. He’s my advocate and judge, warrior and peacemaker, Bridegroom and lover.

Jesus is the One who breaks through and breaks open doors, gates and principalities. He will literally move Heaven and Earth for my good. He sends His angel armies at my request – always willing that I should call out His name. I can never abuse our relationship. There is never too much to ask or too much help I need.

He is the One who never gives up on me. He never gets tired or weary. He is always able and willing. The resources of His Heaven are at my beck and call and there is no way I can use up His gifts. He’s always telling me “More, there is more! Come up higher, come in deeper.” He can never get enough of me and I can never get enough of Him.

His fragrance is so compelling, beguiling, and intoxicating, yet it never fills me up and I want more of Him. Always satisfying, yet somehow never satisfying. I want to crawl up inside of Him and never leave. That’s what He wants too.

Jesus is the One who demands nothing from me in exchange for the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. So I freely give Him the greatest gift He will ever receive – me.
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