The Business of Kingdom Coaching

Mastermind Group

Beginning the Week of October 2, 2017

Join an elite group of Kingdom-minded coaches like you who together will solve problems, overcome obstacles, and create strategies to fulfill our destinies!

What Is This Mastermind About?

The Business of Kingdom Coaching

Are you a Kingdom-minded coach, or in training to become one, who’s ready to launch, build, or increase your personal coaching business? Do you want help to succeed as a Kingdom entrepreneur?

Join The Business of Kingdom Coaching Mastermind. This online video conference will provide the environment that brings encouragement, marketing trends and support for you if you’re new to the business, in transition, or ready to grow and further develop your calling as a Kingdom Coach and entrepreneur.

Whether your client is in the church or a Fortune 500 executive, this group will help you launch, focus, and develop your business plan with the encouragement and experience from other members who come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Our shared passion to see Heaven Invade Earth will elevate and raise the bar as we challenge each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and champion each other with honesty, honor, and respect.

Bring your questions, challenges, and goals to each meeting. You’ll gain insights related to topics like website design, brand visibility, audio/video, and social networking. We’ll also highlight one specific strategy or tool each month. Come prepared to listen and support other members by sharing your most helpful resources and experiences.

The Business of Kingdom Coaching Mastermind’s planned launch is the week of October 2, 2017, with a 1.5-hour video conference, once a week, for 7 weeks. This group is limited to 8 participants and is only $17 per meeting ($119 paid in advance). The specific meeting date and time will be determined by the Mastermind participants.

Successful Mastermind groups consist of committed individuals who come prepared to share and invest in others along with a humble passion to receive from the group. If that describes you, please apply today.

Facilitated by Claudia Klann, Certified Professional Life Coach, DISC Consultant, and Group Coach with over 30 years of success in Corporate America and as a small business entrepreneur.

Only $17 a week for 7 weeks!

Starting Soon!

Don’t Delay. This Mastermind is set to begin the week of October 2, 2017. Actual day and times will be determined by the attendees.

What's Expected of Me?

Group Participant Requirements

In order for this Mastermind group to provide mutual benefit to all participants, each member should share these common characteristics:

  • Be willing to pray for one another and participate using our Kingdom principles
  • Be committed to build your business and fulfill your action steps created from each meeting
  • Be a problem solver by giving feedback and possible solutions to help each other move forward
  • Be willing to be in the “Hot Seat” each meeting to bring questions or problems to the group
  • Operate with honesty, humility, and respect
  • Show up on time for every meeting, prepared to participate without distractions (no cell phone, texting, computing)
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Participate in private Facebook page for communication between meetings

Participants will be selected from diverse and non-competing coaching niches to foster openness and trust without fear of being in direct competition with any other participant.

Group size is limited to 8 participants

Individual participation will be determined by the facilitator, Claudia Klann


The up-front fee of $119 for all 7-mastermind sessions is required to participate. Payment is due immediately upon acceptance into the group and will be made through PayPal or another mutually agreed method.


If, after the initial group meeting you feel mastermind is not for you, a partial refund of $99 will be returned to you. No refunds will be made after the first meeting.

Future Opportunity

With the conclusion of this 7-week Mastermind, members may want to continue by joining the Professional Kingdom Coaches Mastermind

Be in the Hot Seat

Taking a turn in the “Hot Seat” is a central component of a Mastermind Group. It’s when the focus is on YOU – as the group helps you solve your unique obstacles, answer questions, and provide solutions. Every individual within the group benefits from the “Hot Seat” segments because we learn best from each other and the collective experiences of the group!

What Can I Expect at Each Meeting?

First Meeting, Purpose Statement, and Ground Rules. The initial stated purpose is to help build and grow our Kingdom-minded coaching practice. We will establish a specific mission, topic, or aim of the group that best represents each member. The ground rules can be as stringent or as lax as the group decides, but I’d suggest at a minimum:

  • Attendance is required and expected, but I would suggest no more than 2 absences since this is only a 7-week commitment. No refunds after the initial meeting
  • Confidentiality is required! If people know that what’s said in the group stays in the group, they’ll be much more trusting and willing to share.

Structure of Each Session

  • Start each session with prayer
  • Each member will provide a short update along with any testimonies about what’s happened since the last session (no more than 2 minutes each)
  • One member takes the hot seat to explain a challenge in their business and asks for suggestions. The hot seat member should prepare in advance to make sure they clearly explain where they need help, and ideally, they should circulate some brief notes or any relevant background materials in advance
  • After the hot seat, the group has a discussion around the topic shared
  • The session ends with each member making a statement about what they will achieve before the next session
  • The overall length of the session will be 60 minutes – 90 minutes
  • Finish with prayer

Sharing Documents. Access to key group information to give you something to refer back to when you’re preparing for a session, most likely through Google Drive to include:

  • Purpose statement and ground rules
  • List of members and their email addresses
  • Template showing the structure of each session
  • Schedule of upcoming sessions (with the hot seats and topics arranged for each)
  • Hot seat preparation document
  • Template for presenting your weekly updates
  • Minutes of previous sessions

Circulate an Agenda Before Each Call. A day or so before each call, the facilitator will circulate a reminder of when the call is happening, and what’s planned – such as who’s in the hot seat and/or what topic will be discussed. Ideally, the upcoming hot seat member will provide the facilitator with some notes that can be circulated as part of the agenda. This will help other members understand the basic facts in advance and be better able to ask the right questions and make helpful suggestions.

Keep Talking Between Meetings. Because it can be helpful to keep the conversation going between sessions, a private Facebook group page will be set up for group communications.

Review Progress Regularly.  We’ll review how the group is doing and be open to suggestions for change or improvement

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