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Knowing who you are, understanding you’re motivations, unpacking life’s lessons (successes and failures), exploring your dreams, and identifying obstacles that continually get in your way, these are the keys that reveal the roadmap to Unlock Your Destiny.


Know what you were created for in order to live it!

Destiny is the unique purpose each one of us was born to complete, whether it’s to raise a future leader, share the amazing love of Jesus, or create a world-impacting business. The point is, you’re unique and have been given a unique God-birthed identity and purpose that only you can fulfill.

What is it? How do you find it? Will you achieve it?


Have you wondered if you’re actually on the path that leads to the life you’ve dreamed of? Or, are you just drifting, hoping to land somewhere that somehow fulfills your destiny?

Because God has a unique purpose for you that only you can fill, it can only be completed by you! So it’s time to learn what you’re called to do, who you’re called to be, and who you’re called to impact!


The Object


The object of this program is for you to uncover your unique Life Message, Life Mission, and Life Purpose to lead you to fulfill your destiny. Because you’ll know what who you’re called to be and what you’re called to do, you will have clarity for every future opportunity and choice to ensure you reach your destiny!


Join with other passionate women in the intimacy of my home to unlock and pursue your life’s purpose together!


Are you willing to dig deep to discover the treasure God has placed within you? Then sign up today!

The journey begins Tuesday, February 16th, at 6:30 pm in my home in Redding.

One-on-one coaching with me for the same program would cost more than $1,000!

This group coaching format brings the same exercises and progress as the individual sessions, but at a much reduced cost. When I add up the value of “A Leader’s Life Purpose Workbook”, DISC Human Behavior Assessment, Spiritual Gift Assessment, and my time, this group coaching program is worth a minimum of $461!


The Special Price for the ladies of Redding, CA is only $77 per month for 3 months. Billed at the beginning of each month.

That’s a savings of $230!

What’s it worth for you to be empowered to pursue your destiny?

This Isn't for Everyone...

Before you request an application, ask yourself if you are:

  • Passionate to want to know the plan God has designed for you.
  • Willing to dig deep each week to uncover clues.
  • Vulnerable with yourself and others.
  • Able to set aside two hours for each meeting.
  • Committed to complete weekly home assignments, approximately 1-3 hours a week.
  • Participating in each group meeting.
  • Encouraging each other in the private Facebook page for our group.
  • Praying for each other during the 12 week program.
  • Eagerly expecting to unlock God’s plan for you.

Does that sound like you? Then why wait to begin the journey to your destiny? Request your application today!

Unlock Your Destiny

The Women of Unlock Your Destiny Fall 2015

The Unlock Your Destiny group program far exceeded my initial expectations. Going into it I wanted more clarity on practical steps to take toward my professional dreams as well as help narrowing down my interests. I was greatly helped in the areas I expected. Furthermore, I was equipped to search out and verbalize a very solid foundational understanding of what God has called me to and prepared me for throughout my life thus far. These foundational discoveries have already been vital to my success in carrying our the practical steps I was looking for.


Wife, Mother

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Why Group Coaching?
Claudia Klann, CPLC

Claudia Klann, CPLC

Attention Ladies of Redding!
Join me in my home for the next Unlock Your Destiny
February 16, 2016 at 6:30 pm
Sign Up by January 25 – Limited to 6-8 Women!

I spent most of my life knowing my general giftings but not truly understanding the process and feeling frustrated and impatient. When I began Claudia’s group I had a million emotions and a feeling of desperation. Throughout the class I began to see where I was discounting the process of my destiny and missing out on breakthroughs daily because I was in a frantic search. Every chapter and meeting began to refine my understanding more and more of who I was and what I was created to do. By the end, I had clarity and really knew my strengths, desires, and where I feel alive and activated. During the class, I began to practice utilizing my strengths which lead me to being seen by my superiors and was then given a promotion into a position I could have only dreamed of. I am thriving in the straight and narrow of my giftings and passion but I know this is really just the beginning because this will only lead to a deeper exploration of my destiny.


Sierra Center Coordinator, Wife, Mother, Redding, CA

Program Description:

  • Small group of 6-8 women
  • Live, interactive format at my home in Redding, CA.
  • Personal 20 minute initial phone meeting with me
  • 12 weeks of group coaching, concluding with a Potluck Celebration Party to share your Life Purpose
  • Personal 60 minute coaching session with me in week 11
  • 2 – 15 minute personal progress phone calls with me
  • A Leader’s Life Purpose Workbook“, by Tony Stoltzfus
  • DISC Assessment
  • Spiritual Gift Assessment
  • Private Facebook page for the group to interact and encourage one another
  • Email with me as needed for questions and encouragement.

I've never seen a key like that before!

I chose this image because of the weird key! It’s a high security safe key. That’s such a prophetic picture of you! You hold all the clues of what God has deposited in you. These clues reveal what He’s called you to be and to do! Our journey together will unlock what’s deposited in you, to reveal the reason you were born!

I’m so glad I decided to participate in the first “Unlock Your Destiny” life coaching group. It revealed a need in me I didn’t realize I had, the need to give myself permission. Permission to dream, to explore, to take risks, and value the fact that life is a process. I was able to explore my past to see what’s being set up for my future. But mostly, I discovered that through all of it God’s been for me and with me the whole time, orchestrating and redeeming. I look forward to seeing how the impact of this class unfolds in the days to come.


Rehab Technician

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