What Does It Take to Launch a Coaching Practice?

9 Keys to Launching a Successful Coaching Business

I’m often asked for advice from people who want to know what it takes to become a life coach. This is written for those who want to know the requirments to have a successful coaching practice.

Let us first agree that you are already a Kingdom-minded coach excelling in all the necessary coaching skills which include building trust, powerful questioning, active listening, direct communication, reframing, creating awareness, designing action, and establishing accountability. But are you prepared to launch out as a solo entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur myself, who has launched two other businesses before I became a certified coach, I’ve developed the skills and experiences needed to launch into my life coaching business-ministry. These tips are not just for life coaches, but I believe are the traits necessary to successfully launch any small business venture whether it’s a new bakery, online art store, or a coaching practice.

1) Dreamer. Visionary. You’ve got to see it to achieve it! Take time to imagine what a successful coaching practice means to you. Write out what you see. Dream BIG! Talk to others. Make a plan.

2) Risk Taker. Starting your own business is risky! Period. Be flexible and willing to adapt when something’s not working as you initially envisioned.

3) Willing to Work Alone. Let’s face it – coaches love people or they wouldn’t be a coach. But running your solo coaching practice may mean more time in front of a computer than in front of people, especially initially. Be comfortable being alone as you build your business.

4) Many-headed Person. You are the HR, marketing, sales, finance and IT departments! You have to do it all as a solo practitioner.

5) Financially Wise. If you’re launching a new coaching career, how long can you go without a steady income as you build your clientele? Consider having another income stream. If you need to ‘keep your day job’ until coaching can supply all of your needs, then lay out a plan to build your coaching practice. Realistically evaluate the energy it will take and the commitments you are already obligated to, such as your family. Know how long can you give yourself before you need to be making a steady income.

6) Resilient. You must be someone who can recover quickly from loss or disappointment that will likely come. I love one of the definitions for resilient: “(of a substance or object) able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.” Being resilient is mandatory!

7) Disciplined. Your practice consists of more than successfully coaching someone. First you must find ways to connect to the people you’re called to coach. Social media, love it or not, is the primary way to become known. Discipline yourself to regularly post articles or blogs, guest posts, teaching moments, etc. Discipline also includes networking in the circles of the people you’re called to. So if it’s small businesses, be sure to join the local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club. If it’s within the church, be active in many different ministries.

8) Great People Skills. As a coach you love people, but it’s also the key to be a great communicator. Know the key attributes of the different personality types (DiSC or Meyers Briggs) to help you turn the people you meet into clients and improve your success for keeping them beyond an initial session or two.

9) Motivation. Are you a self-starter and inwardly motivated? With no one watching to see if you’re on time to the office or how long your breaks are, you need to know your ‘WHY.’ Be clear on why you coach, how you’re uniquely qualified, and who you are called to coach. Keep your eyes on Jesus as He partners with you in the pursuit of your calling. Let Him be your motivation.

As you develop these characteristics, I pray you become a successful world-changing, Kingdom coach that empowers others for the sake of the world and the glory of Jesus!


Claudia Klann is a Certified Professional Life Coach, called to Kingdom-minded people wanting to fulfill their destiny. She is also a prophetic artist with an Etsy Shop. She can be reached through her website www.claudiaklann.com or www.etsy.com/shop/InspiringLifeArt