Your Art Personality and Style

Have you ever wondered why you can’t create the way someone else does? Do you wish you could come up with your unique style, only to be frustrated at every attempt? If so, read on. Your artistic style might just be defined by your basic personality traits.

Tale of Three Artists

Once upon a time, lived Katy, Jean and Claudia. All three artists (mature women each one) in various stages of their creative journey. They all met in the same art class.

Each one looked at the other’s art with admiration and longing, wondering how they could ever paint or draw like the other.

Each woman’s art journey continued until one day, Jean said to Claudia “I wish I could draw as boldly as you! I draw without as much contrast and you are so – well – ‘out there’ with your contrast and color!”

That’s funny, Claudia thought, because she really admired the gentle pastels of Jean’s work and how slowly and methodically she planned out her projects, carefully and deliberately mapping out each stroke of color.

In the meantime, both Jean and Claudia longed to be able to draw and portray with the detail and accuracy as Katy did. Katy had been painting and drawing the longest of the three and it came so effortlessly to her. She had the skills to be admired and sought after.

Every day, the three artists would come to class complaining about how their skills and techniques didn’t match the others, always trying their best to modify their approach after one of the three – but never really succeeding.

Until one day, when each one revealed their self portraits to the class, did it become obvious to all that each one of them drew and portrayed themselves perfectly matching their own unique personalities!

Each self-portrait portrayed the artist to a tee!

After realizing they expressed themselves artistically to match their personalities, they lived happily ever after. The End.

This is the fairy tale version of something that really happened in between Jean, Katy, and me, Claudia, over a year ago. But the impact hasn’t left my development as an artist.

As a life coach, certified in the DISC method of personality assessments, this experience has really helped me embrace who I am as a person and specifically, as an artist.

Let me explain.

My DISC assessment is I/D/C. I’m hard wired to want to influence; driven to be significant, and conscientiously persistent. I am bold. I am outgoing. Enthusiastic. Zealous. Promoting.

My Meyers Briggs assessment is ESTP. I leap before I look, fixing mistakes as I go. I’m dramatic – my husband wants to record me when I’m trying to convince him of something because he thinks it would win an Academy Award!

As an artist, I attempt paintings that are way above my skill level because I’m in a hurry to accomplish. I’m naturally daring and optimistic. Do I get disappointed with the results – you bet I do, but I keep trying – I just can’t help myself.
Although not a perfectionist, I’m determined to get the painting just right! I keep working on it to a point of reaching the best of my abilities.

Can you see my personality profile in my self portrait?

Jean’s DISC profile is a very high S/C with a little bit of I thrown in. (S-80%; C-77%; I-55%) She is Steady. Competent. Sensitive. Introverted. She weighs the evidence and proceeds slowly, cautiously, logically. She is systematic and sensitive to the needs of others. She loves to do things slowly and correctly. She’s calm in the midst of chaos.

As an ISFJ on the Myers Briggs, she makes an excellent teacher (yes, she homeschooled all 4 of her children). She’s crafty and good working with her hands proven by her accomplishment as a seamstress. She’s loyal, dutiful, responsible, analytical, kind, and patient. I bet you want to meet this sweet, wonderful woman!

Jean is analytical, in fact her previous career was as a bookkeeper who handled numbers and data. Her portrait was designed to show the analytical, practical woman (drawn in black and white) stepping into her creative side (drawn in color) portrayed through the delight of her facial expression!

Katy, a beautiful watercolorist whose artistic skills we all coveted, is also an S/C/I on the DISC, but not as dramatically high as Jean. (S-62%; C-52%; I-55%)

She is steadfast! She’s steadfast, steady and reliable. Unflappable! Did I say steadfast? The sense of that even comes through her portrait! Look at the detail and quality of the proportions of the foreground hand compared to her face in the background. It takes steadfastness and discipline to draw that well.

According to Jean, it takes both of these two High “S”women to balance out the boldness of one High I – me!

As an INFJ in Myers Briggs, Katy is a passionate and charismatic leader and teacher who inspires others. She is generous with her time (she’s tried to teach me proportions to improve my drawing skills). She believes in people. She invests in people. She’s loyal. She’s someone you want to know.

What’s the moral of the story? You are wired by God to express yourself through your own creative DNA. You are an expression of how He made you. To try to be anyone else, would be a disservice to you and to Him.

If you’re bold – be bold! If you’re gentle, let that flow from your art. No matter what you produce, let it be an authentic piece of yourself that gives glory to God, expands His Kingdom, and enables you to be who you were designed to be.

So go create something that expresses uniquely you!

Claudia Klann is a professional life coach and prophetic artist. She can be reached at Her art is for sale at

Katy Barsch retired from a teaching career and is currently a SOZO minister and teaches watercolor technique to children and adults. She can be reached at

Jean Pettus is currently teaching creative classes to children and creating her own art. She can be reached at She is working on being bold enough to post her art online for sale.