A New Season BeginsToday is the last day of Summer, but the weather is still warm, actually it’s still hot if you live in Redding, CA. The hot weather fools me and the plants into thinking it’s not the first day of fall, so I don’t have to prepare. The season is about to change – are you ready?

Late last spring, we began to “redecorate” the front yard by taking out the grass lawn and 30-year-old shrubs to replace with drought tolerant plants along with an arrangement of rocks trying to fool people into believing it’s a natural dry creek bed we unearthed under the old lawn. There is a lot of pressure to go drought tolerant if you live in California. Actually California’s new motto is, “Brown is the New Green“! Really? Well, that’s a discussion for another day…

As time would prove, we weren’t ready for the summer season that was quickly upon us. It went from pleasant spring weather to really hot! Really fast! Watering restrictions and mandates were in place because of the 4-year-old drought, so we got as far as creating the trying-to-look-oh-so-natural dry creek bed and laying down lots of black weed barrier. And stopped. And there it sat for almost 4 months because we weren’t ready for the change in season.

Where have you experienced that in your life? A change was coming but you weren’t ready to grab onto it so you had to sit it out, hoping it would cycle back around, like fall bringing the right time to begin replanting my front yard.

It’s time now to get outside and plan my front yard design, select the plant materials, shop for the best prices, arrange for the help we need (I’m not digging 3′ deep holes for new trees) and be ready for the day it actually cools down. It could be any day. But I’m not ready. My mind is still wrapped around summer, and ice cream cones, and hot days that force me to stare into my computer for too many long hours, cranking up the electric bill trying to keep my office cool.

It’s time. I grabbed my Sunset Garden book, made a few lists of desired plants, but I just can’t get motivated because it’s too hot! I know what could happen if I’m not careful – turn quickly cold and I’ll miss the beautiful fall growing season altogether. Then what? I’ll have to wait until spring. Am I doomed to repeat the cycle over again?

What about you? How are you getting ready for the season God has ready for you to step into? Don’t judge the season by today’s temperature. Look ahead. God is planning this next step for you. What clues has He given you? He’s encouraged you to get ready. Sometimes contentment is too captivating, too beguiling, even after the deep longing for the change we’ve so long been desiring.

Stand up. Breathe. Take a look around you. What is He telling you? How will you get started even when it’s still hot outside? What’s your plan?

Every season is a preparation toward living out the reason you were born. Oh, don’t get me wrong, all along the way you’ve been bringing and sharing and giving out of the reason you were born. But this season. This season is the grandest of all. It fulfills all your hopes, dreams, passions, and purposes. My front yard doesn’t do that for me, but helping you get ready to step into your destiny? Yes. That’s my season. That’s my reason. What’s yours?