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Claudia Klann

Certified Professional Christian Life Coach

A qualified life coach should have a range of meaningful life experiences as a platform from which to coach you through the issues of your own life. I hope my varied life experiences, combined with the anointing of Holy Spirit and a lifetime of investing in people, will qualify me as the right coach for you. My background of a successful career in sales and marketing, co-founder of a startup software company, an entrepreneur who conceptualized, launched and managed my own clothing store, co-founder, and pastor of a local church, wife, step-mother, and grandmother, all provide a lifetime of understanding which I can I bring to you.

I’ve successfully coached people in transition, to those wanting to launch a new business, to those seeking to grow in their spiritual identity. The issues that keep us stuck are usually rooted in what we believe about ourselves, others, and God. I help you discover and overcome them so you can move forward with the dreams God is calling you to.

I’ve coached men and women, literally all over the world. I’d love to coach you too!

My Journey in Coaching - Read Rachel's Story

I was introduced to Claudia when I mentioned to a friend of mine that I had been considering looking for a life coach.  I’ve lived in Redding for 7 years and my journey has been one of lots of inner healing, Sozo, trauma and grief counseling and just general counseling.  As I was sharing with my friend, I was relaying that I felt “stuck” in life.  Nothing seemed to be moving forward.  We had been looking for a home to buy for over a year, I had a children’s book that I had almost finished that had been sitting on the shelf for over 3 years, I couldn’t seem to get traction on de-cluttering my closet or my life and I was struggling to find time for things in my life that I love, like painting, working out, etc.  Life seemed pretty overwhelming and it was taking everything I had to just focus on homeschooling my 2 boys. I felt that I needed something that would help me point my life towards where I want to go, rather than always looking back.  My hope was that Life Coaching might help me do that.

Right away, my friend, reached in her purse, grabbed a business card and handed it to me saying, “You should give her a call.  I’ve been coached by her for over 3 years and it’s been so helpful!”  As I looked down at the card, it also said that Claudia is a prophetic artist.  And right away, I thought, “Of course, she is”, because I am too and it would be just like God to bring another creative prophetic artist into my path to be my life coach!  I just knew God was up to something and now I also knew that I had to call her.  I was terrified.  What if I am the one person coaching doesn’t work for? And some shame around, “I have been in this environment for 7 years and why haven’t I ever had a life coach before?”  Claudia set me at ease right away when she said, “Because you are ready now. It’s your season now.”  Of course!  I needed to hear that.  I AM ready now.
We have met 4 times since early April and each session I’ve seen significant results!  Here are just a few of the revelations, discoveries and breakthroughs that have come.
1.   I learned that “FUN” is a lifestyle, not just a reward that’s available once all the work is done.  And I learned that when I am walking in my destiny, it IS fun!!!  This gave me permission to take time to play legos with my kids, even when there was still a pile of stuff to be done!
2.  I discovered that an anchored lie of incompetence and “I am not enough” was keeping me completely paralyzed.  Claudia helped me remove that anchor, repent from the agreements I had made regarding that belief.  Then Jesus told me, “I have put capacities and capabilities inside you that you haven’t even discovered yet.”  WHOA!  That went in.  Then Claudia had me ask Jesus, what I should do next.  His response,”Put your hand in mine and we will unlock this together!”  This revelation just lifted something off of me!
3.  BREAKTHROUGH!  Shortly after this, tangible breakthrough began.  We found a house, made and offer and it was accepted!  I got my closet cleaned out and started making headway on my clutter!  I said yes to starting a new part-time business.  And then out of the blue, my friend called and offered to help me finish my children’s book and get it published.  My friend designs book interiors and covers and we had hired her years before to help us with our book.  She said, “work is slow right now and I just can’t get your book out of my mind.  Would you mind if I published it for you?”  WHAT?!!!  It went live on Amazon two weeks later.
I haven’t had this much forward momentum in my life in such a long time and I truly give credit to Claudia and of course, the Lord.  It feels great to be growing and learning along with Claudia while my life is getting freed up for the more!  I truly felt caged in and limited before and now I can see that I can really lean back on Jesus, into His embrace, and He will help me with each new step.  He has put things inside of me that I will get to discover along the way.  I don’t have to have it ALL figured out and I can take a step at a time and trust that He has my best interest at heart.
I am confident now that more will be unlocked on the journey ahead!  THANK YOU CLAUDIA!!!


Prophetic Artist

After years of declaring myself the most non-creative person I know, I finally embraced the truth – He is creative, therefore I am creative. I am made in His image. I surveyed my life to discover a lifetime of creative expression, just not in the form I had previously labeled creative. So I set out on a journey to release all of the creativity God has embedded in me in order to bless others and release the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I serve as a prophetic artist in my church and sell my art Here.

Claudia Klann, Christian Life Coach

What is My Destiny?

During the initial consultation I have with each prospective client, I’ve discovered that many people are just not sure if they are living the life they were destined to live. Coaching so many unique people has taught me that once you know you’re on the right track to living your life according to God’s design, then, regardless of what you’re doing in the moment, you can be sure of living a joy-filled, satisfying life!

Allow me to help you get unstuck, overcome obstacles, and grow in faith on the journey to Discover your Destiny.

Melinda M.

School Counselor and Wife

Read Melinda's Testimony!

After being in my school counseling position for over 12 years, I was feeling stagnant and discontent in my role. I felt God stirring me to pursue something else, but I wasn’t sure of the direction. I wondered, “what is my destiny?” My husband did some research on life coaches, and he gave me the gift of coaching with Claudia for my birthday. After meeting (via Skype) a couple of times, I felt so encouraged and supported by Claudia that I signed up for a coaching package we worked together for about 9 months. Throughout the coaching sessions, Claudia’s compassion and wisdom provided revelation and direction in my life (she truly became my Life Mentor) in many unexpected and wonderful ways. We would typically start our sessions focused on the topic of God’s calling and destiny for my life, and often times I discovered areas where I was emotionally and spiritually stuck (or fearful!) in ways I didn’t realize. Going through the process of coaching with Claudia has truly been a gift! Although we have concluded our sessions, for now, I have found our time incredibly helpful and will definitely reach out to her for additional sessions as seasons change.

Don't Wait Another Day to Discover Who God Designed You to Be!

  • Certified Christian Life Coach

  • Life Mentor

  • Certified DISC Consultant

  • Group and Team Coach

  • Mastermind Facilitator

  • Prophetic Artist

Potential Goals for Coaching

Discover Your Destiny

God has a purpose for your life that you alone are uniquely designed to fill. Do you know what it is? The clues are in every experience good or bad, every glorious victory and every dark defeat. Each experience prepares you for your ultimate destiny. Are you ready to discover what He’s placed within your heart? Together, let’s search the clues of your life to reveal the calling He’s placed within you. Using tools developed by Master Coach Tony Stoltzfus, we’ll systematically reveal what you alone were born to achieve.

Life Coaching You Are Not Alone
Life Coaching

Does your dream seem impossible to reach? Does it feel like no matter what you try, nothing works? Maybe you’ve given up pursuing your dreams at all – believing that’s for other people, just not you. Nothing’s more important than living the life you’ve dreamed of – the one you were born to live! It’s common to think of going to the gym or hiring a personal trainer to help you get into shape, but what’s more important than life? As your life coach, I listen to you, explore with you, give you perspective, help you over obstacles, motivate you to create a plan that you want and are willing to work. I’m your biggest supporter to living your life to the fullest – no matter the dreams.

Claudia Klann Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching

As a successful leader in business or church, you know you need a safe place to explore ideas and solutions to overcome obstacles to help you get unstuck and step into to the next phase of your journey. I can help you. With over 30 years in business including Fortune 500 companies, dot com startups, launching my own clothing store and co-planting and pastoring a church, I bring outside perspective and entrepreneurial enthusiasm combined with the finely tuned coaching skills of active listening and powerful questioning to help you connect the dots to your next step.

Breakthrough Coaching
Breakthrough Coaching

Sometimes there are deep wounds or life long negative beliefs about yourself that keep you stuck and repeating negative or self-sabotaging patterns. If that’s you, my breakthrough ministry can help you receive the healing and breakthrough you need. Sometimes incorporated into coaching, or sometimes as a goal in itself, I bring years of experience with inner healing and practical spiritual understanding and empowerment, to help you discover and break free from strongholds that keep you from reaching your potential. Combined with the coaching skills of active and compassionate listening and powerful, thoughtful questions, you will make quick progress toward your goals.

Group and Team Coaching

Team Coaching is an effective and affordable way for small businesses or churches to help your small group solve conflicts, improve communications, envision the future, reach goals, create better cohesiveness and teamwork, or increase performance. As your team coach, I will customize a plan that fits your objectives.

Group Coaching is an affordable way for individuals to receive coaching with others who are interested in the same theme or goal. You receive the benefit of personal discovery and fulfillment along with the encouragement of others on the same journey. I offer group coaching programs periodically throughout the year, either in Redding, CA or through a webinar. Look for upcoming programs: Unlock Your Destiny and Communicating From the Heart.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what your coaching goal is. We will discover it together in our initial Discovery Session and it will become perfectly clear!

Request Your 30 Minute Discovery Session

Let’s take 30 minutes together to find out if I’m the right person who can motivate, encourage and challenge you to your goals. This doesn’t obligate you to any commitment, but may give you the first step toward the change and growth you’ve been wanting! Don’t delay, press the Schedule Today button to request your Free 30 Minute Discovery Session.

Barbara C.

Preschool Teacher

Barbara's Testimony

A little over a year ago, I was in desperate need of healing and direction in my life. I had felt that my life was stuck! I had the head knowledge that God was with me and how He had a great plan for me, but struggled with truly embracing it. Through my coaching sessions with Claudia, I have seen my life transform in powerful ways. She helped me seek God for healing and forgiveness. I believe in wholeness and the importance of living in freedom. Claudia is a God-led woman who has blessed me with this journey to wholeness. Claudia has been so insightful in coaching me to identify some of the issues, struggles and sins that kept me from reaching my full potential. She helped me to gain confidence in my relationship with Christ and discern what was missing in this relationship. Claudia’s love, support, discernment, honesty and encouragement helped me to truly understand God’s love for me. I am a more confident and empowered person because of the coaching sessions I have with Claudia. If you have ever asked yourself, “What does God have planned for me?” but, you have no way of figuring it out–you should seek Claudia to help you in your journey. She has been such a tremendous blessing and gift of God to me. I am truly thankful to have someone like Claudia journeying with me in this time of my life.

My Passion is for You!

I’m passionate to help men and women like you pursue God’s destiny purpose for themselves. I know what’s it’s like to have no one help you discover who you’re meant to be. It was a struggle on my own. It took a long time. But, I learned to overcome and pushed through obstacles to fulfill my passions. I know what it’s like to be stuck and how to get unstuck. I’ve invested years of study and experience with inner healing and walking in victory bringing several approaches to each client’s sessions. Let my ceiling be your platform.

As your coach, I’ll champion you on your discovery toward reaching your purpose. Our coaching journey together will bring you to a place of deep satisfaction knowing you are securely on the path to fulfilling God’s plan for you – the unique plan only you are designed to fulfill.


The first time I walked into Claudia’s home office I had minimal understanding of what a life coach actually does. What I did know was that I was feeling stuck and unfulfilled in my professional life and that a good family friend couldn’t speak highly enough of the way Claudia had impacted her life over the past year. I decided to meet with Claudia with the hope of exploring new potential career paths and ultimately discovering God’s grand purpose for my life. What I gained instead was a fundamental reworking of some core beliefs about how I view the world, how I view myself, how I view the heart of the Father, and a deeper understanding of what makes my heart feel alive – in short, a radical shift in perspective of my everyday life and circumstances. I now feel much better positioned to both live well in the moment and to partner with Jesus in looking towards the future.

Pete H.

Husband, Father, Data Team Lead

My coaching sessions with Claudia were marked by personal growth, discovery, and renewed hope. Prior to meeting with her, I felt stuck and frustrated with life. Claudia helped me overcome some unhealthy thought processes and perspectives that were affecting many areas of my life including my business, creativity, and ability to dream about the future. Her wealth of experience in coaching, business, pastoral counseling, and inner healing makes for a rich combination from which she shares with her clients. I recommend her as a coach whether you need business advice, counsel, or a plan to get unstuck, Claudia facilitates the opportunity to change with wisdom and encouragement.


Music Teacher, Singer, Songwriter

Through coaching with Claudia, I have experienced an increase of confidence as a leader and coach, clarity concerning identity, calling and divine destiny, and consistency in my emotional and spiritual health. Having Claudia as my coach had been a huge support as I have just come through a major transitional season while successfully maintaining healthy relationships and not burning bridges.

Claudia is a constant source of encouragement, support, believe, and strength to me. For over a year  she has coached me on everything from diet, Life balance, relationships, and family dynamics, to leadership, major transitions in ministry and life, and divine alignment.

And in every coaching session I have, Claudia has been my biggest cheerleader besides Jesus. ? She sees things in me and calls them forth that I even have never in seen myself!

If you are wondering whether or not you need a coach, the answer is: “Yes, you do!” Everyone does! And Claudia will be amazing to you, too – I just know it!

Emily Florian

Women's Ministry Leader, Life Coach, Homeschooler, Entrepreneur


Claudia Klann

Skype: claudia.klann

Tel: 530-710-9550

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