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Claudia Klann, Professional Life Coach, HeartSync Minister, Author, Prophetic Artist, Ordained Minister, Wife, Step-Mom, and Grandma too!

Are you living in abundant joy?

It's Not Too Late to Find True Joy.

Whether your a church leader, a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, retired, or any other season of life, it's never too late to discover how to find increasing joy, perhaps for the first time in your life.

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Peace is quiet joy on the inside. Joy is Peace outloud!

- Bill Johnson, Senior Leader Bethel Church


I'm Claudia Klann,

Claudia Klann Abundant Joy Coach

I want you to know that you can have Abundant Joy today!

As your Abundant Joy coach and mentor, I will inspire your journey to unlock increasing intimacy with the greatest source of Joy in the universe -- Jesus. Along the way, you'll break free of strongholds, lies, beliefs, and fears keeping you from fulfilling your joyful destiny.

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What is the Abundant Joy?

"You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fulness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore." Ps 16:11 NKJV 

Abundant joy is living in and from His presence.

How Do I Get There?

God used the Scripture of 2 Peter 1: 2-11 to teach me that His Divine Nature is within me. I've spent the last 30+ years discovering that joy comes by living from His heart. Maybe like me, you need personal and practical help to apply God’s truth. I’ve developed tools–learned over a lifetime–to help you find your purpose and fulfill His mandate for your life. Just as you’ve learned the Word of God from sermons, books, bible studies, videos, etc., you can benefit from a coach and mentor, like me, to help you live in Abundant Joy.

I’ll Help You…

~ Receive heart healing from pain and trauma

~ Uncover limiting beliefs that keep you doubting God and yourself. 

~ Keep your heart whole aligned with God’s word so you can live with an undivided heart.

~ Discover God's divine destiny and overcome the lies that keep you stuck.

~ Avoid the pitfalls set up by the enemy.

~ Find the joyful treasures along your journey.

I help women like you discover fresh vision and purpose, aligned with God’s plan to fulfill your kingdom journey!

I’ll help you discover and overcome:

  • How to rewire your neural pathways to get unstuck.
  • How to finally know what God's destiny is for you.

  • Change Unconscious beliefs causing you to doubt yourself and God. 
  • Learn how to succeed regardless of circumstances or people. 
  • and so much more

Don't Give Up!

Joy in Jesus

Even if you've tried and tried to overcome the obstacles to a deeper connection with Jesus.  

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Claudia Klann Abundant Joy Coach

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JOY in Living Color–Volume 1

This workbook will bring you into a place of restoration, joy, and healing for your soul, so your spirit will soar with the Joy of the Lord who is your strength.

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Joy in Living Color
Elizabeth B. Unsolicited Testimony

HeartSync Testimony From Elizabeth

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Ways to Grow in Abundant Joy

Abundant Joy Mentoring


Discover increasing intimacy with Jesus along with other women in community.

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Life and Spiritual Coaching

Discover, Breakthrough and Fulfill Your Kingdom Destiny through Coaching. Check out the options!

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 I discovered my joy for people early. By the time I was 3, Mom had said whenever we had gone out to eat, I would trot around the restaurant to visit other families. I loved to talk with everyone I met. If you can overlook my parent’s apparent lack of control over me, this story represents that I value connection – with YOU!

I always believed that sharing what I learned with family and friends assured me everything would work out well if they did what I discovered. Guess what? Only some people wanted to hear what I had to say! Those discussions created painful learning opportunities for me.

Fast forward to today, I’ve learned to share with those hungry to learn, seeking breakthroughs, and reaching their full potential.

Is that you?

You’re the reason I coach, podcast, paint, and write. While these outward vocations seem different, they are all divinely interconnected. I’m an influencer whose passion influences you to become all God designed you to be, an encourager who wants you to believe what God believes about you, and a creative who wants to release encouragement into your life to inspire abundant joy with Jesus!

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What Others Say

Wow. I had no idea how powerful heart healing with Claudia would be, but I can say that it literally changed my life.  When I began my sessions, I was coming from a place of hurt and resentment, feeling like God had passed me over. I had walked with him all my life and felt abandoned and forsaken. In my very first session I was surprised to learn that I was holding resentment and bitterness towards God. This was a sobering discovery.As I continued in my sessions, little by little my heart began to experience healing. My biggest breakthrough came as I began to take what I learned in my sessions and apply them to my personal quiet times with Jesus.  Jesus became so real to me and I began to experience Him in such a personal and powerful way. He began healing my hurts and disappointments and brought me into a much deeper relationship with Him where I saw how His Sovereignty had guided me all these years and how His hand had been on me all my life. I saw that He hadn’t forsaken me at all, but had been there protecting and preserving my life.  Before these sessions, my heart had felt forsaken by God. It now overflows with gratitude and thanksgiving. My heart healing sessions totally changed my perspective and helped me step into the next level in my walk with Jesus.If you are experiencing disappointment in your walk with Jesus and/or are looking to deepen your relationship with Him and the Father, I can’t recommend heart healing enough and sessions with Claudia are a great place to start.  

Robynn C.

I just wanted you to know what you've done. Everything we've done together has led me to this. I have NEVER been able to surrender and completely trust. I do now. My body and head feel different. I am calm and all of the negative emotions I had...anger, frustration, questioning everything...are gone. I am so peaceful knowing my life is in God's hands and im completely good with it. My only goal is to be a good person and be a light to people. Yesterday was proof of my mission (I'll share with you later) and I really made a difference for quite a few people. Felt so good.

Now, I fully know I will face challenges. But I feel like when I do I'm in a good place to handle them without freaking out and becoming angry about it.

Our last session was amazing and what did it for me was to discover that I willfully went back into the wilderness. But now I am so close to being out for good. -- and then go higher.

This is the most amazing gift. You are an angel😇 and sent to me from above.

This Christmas will be the first that I'm not struggling or dreading. Wow wow wow I'm blown away.

Robyn V.

Strong, caring, skilled, flexible, calm, curious, witty, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading is how I've experienced Claudia. Plus, she earnestly encourages me to grasp the truth Jesus is trying to show me. I've grown in intimacy with Him and made discoveries about myself resulting in greater freedom. Claudia has accelerated my growth and sparked transformation in more profound ways than I ever thought possible. I was confident, competent, and curious before, but now I'm living from a place of fullness that's equipped me to handle unexpected situations better and live life from a place of rest.

Sandi S.

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