Do you ever say to yourself…

I feel lost.

I’m so discouraged!

I’m stuck, unmotivated.

I don’t know what to do.


Why bother? I’ll just fail again.

Nothing will ever change.

Stop dreaming.

How long you choose to hold onto those thoughts and beliefs is up to you.

It’s time to align your thoughts with what Jesus thinks about you!

Hello! I’m Claudia Klann

I’d love to be your Kingdom Journey coach, mentor & encourager!

Let’s face it.

We all face roadblocks from time to time and feel…

  • Apathetic & Stuck

  • Discouraged & Dreamless 

  • Overwhelmed

  • Unqualified, Unmotivated, or Unworthy

But there is hope!

I help women like you discover fresh vision and purpose, aligned with God’s plan to fulfill Your Kingdom Journey!

I’ll help you discover and overcome:

  • Self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Habits that keep you stuck
  • Hidden beliefs holding you back
  • Why blaming others doesn’t work
  • …and so much more

Life Coaching

Discover, Breakthrough and Fulfill Your Kingdom Destiny through Coaching. Check out the options!

Heart Healing

Heal the effects of wounds, lies, and beliefs held inside your heart causing pain or keeping you from your destiny.


Be Inspired on Your Kingdom Journey by the Extraordinary Stories of Everyday Guests!


Dare to Discover You!

Journey into the heart of Jesus for you through this e-course combining art, inner healing, and coaching.

Fine Art

Fine Art to Inspire, Motivate, and Change Environments for You and Generations to Come!

I Want to See You Reach Your Full Potential!

 I discovered my joy of people early. By the time I was 3, Mom said whenever we went out to eat, I would trot around the restaurant to visit other families. I loved to talk with everyone I met. Setting aside my parents’ possible lack of control over me, that story represents who I’m drawn to – YOU!

Always sharing what I learned assured that if friends and family would just do what I discovered, everything would work out well. Guess what? Not everyone wanted what I had to say!

Fast forward to today, I’ve learned to share with those hungry to learn, hungry to breakthrough, and hungry to reach their full potential. Is that you? 

That’s the reason I coach, podcast, and paint. While all 3 outward vocations seem different, in fact, they are all divinely interconnected.

I’m an influencer whose passion is to influence you to become all God designed you to be.

I’m an encourager, who wants you to believe what God believes about you.

I’m a creative, who wants to release encouragement and joy into your home or office through art to inspire you to live fully alive!



It was such a privilege to have Claudia come alongside and steer me in a season of uncertainty. Her wisdom, sensitivity, ability to lovingly speak truth and to see what I couldn’t see in me were key to me being now on a clearer path with greater understanding.”  Dolores H., New York

Working with Claudia was a true life changer for me during a very difficult transition period in my life. She was amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone. She is a talented and dedicated Christian life coach with a heart of gold.” Jackie T., Colorado

I was at an impasse after my engagement break-up and my huge disappointment with my church community. Claudia helped me to reframe and get moving again on my passion to pursue a second career. Because of Claudia’s no-nonsense style with me (she knew exactly how to handle my type A personality) I am now in New York pursuing my dream of becoming a chaplain. Get coached to start doing and stop wasting time dreaming! Dawn Q., New York

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