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Awaken Your Prophetic Creativity: Becoming Bezalel Prophetic Art Courses

Discover Your Inner Artist:

Unveil the artist within you and paint from the depths of your soul, guided by the heart of God. Experience the joy of expressing your unique creativity in profound, heart-centered art that mirrors your innermost self.

Embrace the Bezalel Anointing:

Tap into the anointing he received to create with the Spirit of God and discover that true artistry doesn't hinge on talent alone but on a passionate connection to Jesus—your ultimate artistic superpower...

But I'm NOT An Artist!

Put a child in from of a blank piece of paper with some crayons and markers...

They begin creating. Why?

Every one of us is born creative,

but life teaches us to ignore our creative instinct...

or worse.

Did you ever hear someone say...

"That's not good enough."

"Better find a real job!"

"You'll never be an artist"

"No honey, you're not worth art lessons."

"Art will never amount to anything. Do something serious!"

or worse....

They laughed at your creation and didn't put it on the refrigerator next to your sibling's!

Or maybe you tell yourself...

"I'm just not talented"

"I'm not creative!"

"I tried and I'm just terrible!"

Talent isn't required.

You only need desire to unlock your God-given creativity.

Why Cultivate Your Creativity with God?

Transformative Impact:

Witness how God can breathe life into dormant passions and turn them into powerful tools for His kingdom. Claudia's journey from creative dormancy to global influence showcases the profound impact of infusing joy into art. From inspiring missionaries to comforting the broken-hearted, every stroke of Claudia's brush carries the transformative power of the Holy Spirit...

Don't miss this opportunity to join a community of kindred spirits on a journey of creativity, spirituality, and personal growth. Embrace your prophetic potential today!

Unlock Your Prophetic Creativity - Enroll in the next Becoming Bezalel Prophetic Art Courses Now!

Each Level is only offered twice per year. It's time to unlock your creativity to transform you, the world, and your relationship with God!

Claudia was interviewed by Barb Marshal about her art that helped to heal her son-in-law. Claudia also shares how she went from never painting or drawing to selling her prophetic art around the world

If Claudia can do it, so can you!

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