Discipling Nations Through Art: Unveiling the Impact of Cultural Influence

Discipling Nations Through Art: Unveiling the Impact of Cultural Influence

Mar 03, 2024

In a world inundated with ungodly and soul-deadening art from the realms of secular entertainment, have you ever paused to consider the profound impact it has on shaping our culture and beliefs? Movies, video games, and books all wield a powerful influence not only on our children... but also on us. As believers entrusted with the mandate to disciple nations, how do we navigate this cultural landscape that has been meticulously crafted by Hollywood's evangelism over the past century?

Hollywood's Legacy: Shaping Cultural Norms and Values

While Hollywood has been instrumental in shaping societal norms and values, the music from Bethel, Hillsong, and others has left an indelible mark on the Church over the last two decades. Our creative expressions—be it through words, music, or art—have the potential to shape and influence culture in profound ways. As individual women of God, we hold the transformative power to impact our nation through the realm of art.

Empowering Women of Faith: Discipling Nations Through Art

Consider this: Who is waiting to encounter your life-altering art? Perhaps a young girl yearns to draw closer to God through the beauty of your paintings. Reflecting on my own journey as a child, I was captivated by vibrant photos of religious Vatican art—a pivotal moment where my love for God was deeply rooted. While my devotion to God blossomed early on, it was only in my sixties that my passion for painting was fully unleashed...

Don't underestimate the impact of your art—it could grace the pages of a children's book, adorn the walls of a public library, or be showcased in a prestigious gallery. Each viewer who beholds your art is touched by the Presence of God that radiates through your creativity. In this pivotal moment in history, God has entrusted us with the task of ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven through our artistic expressions—disciplining nations one brushstroke at a time...

Art as a Catalyst for Cultural Transformation

Remember, even simple stick figures can carry immense power to touch hearts and change lives. I heard a beautiful story about a woman's broken heart being healed by a "stick-figure" birthday cake drawn by another woman who listened to the Holy Spirit's prompting. It wasn't about the complexity of the art but the intention behind it—a gesture of love and care that brought profound healing...

Healed hearts change culture.

So I ask you: Who is waiting to encounter your life-changing art? Embrace this calling with boldness and purpose. Let your creativity be a vessel for divine revelation and cultural transformation. Together, let us rise as women of God to release beauty, truth, and the love of God into a world hungry for light and hope...

As always, I'd love your feedback.

With love and joy, Claudia Discover the Bliss in Every Brushstroke: Art that Touches Your Soul