What Does Your Dress Say About You?

What Does Your Dress Say About You?

Jun 30, 2024

Are You Dressed to Meet the King?

While surveying my closet for what to wear to church today, my eyes returned to the pretty little dress hanging in the corner.

"Oh, I can't wear that. It's too fancy—I would feel awkward," I said to myself. This was a sweet dress purchased for a summer wedding six years ago! I have worn it only once since.

I own two other dresses. One could be considered beach attire, and the other... well, I just don't like it very much.

I normally don't wear dresses, especially since I quit the business world 30 years ago, except for weddings and funerals. Why would I wear one today just for church?

You ladies from other parts of the country or world might ask what is wrong with me. I guess the Southern California casual lifestyle never really left. I'm a much older girl now living in Redding, California, living the always-casual lifestyle.

But this morning, I felt prompted to pull that dusty dress out, shake it off, and put it on. "This sure is comfortable," I exclaimed. And with my husband's encouragement, I wore it to church.

So why do I take the time to write about it?

The sense of awkwardness I felt made me recognize a subtle feeling of unworthiness.


What was I hiding besides the ugly veins on my legs?

Why did I reserve my prettiest, albeit simple, dress for someone else's special event rather than my meeting with the King?

Like you, I strive to give Jesus my best in everything I do, so what was really holding me back?

I teach women about their worth every day and effortlessly help others recognize the lack of it in their lives. Being confronted with it this morning made me realize how slippery the enemy is to implant hidden beliefs to keep us from the joyful presence of Jesus and out of our destiny. Is it the feeling of being naked that Adam and Eve felt that fateful day?

If I'm not good enough to wear a pretty dress to church on any given Sunday, then maybe I'm not good enough to enter His presence. "Did God say...?"

Years of practice trained me to respond quickly to revelations from Jesus like this, so it didn't take long to feel right at home in that dress and enjoy all the compliments that came with it.

But you know what's even better? I felt right at home in Heaven. I didn't need to use my imagination to see myself beautifully dressed for the King; I already was. That dress became the tangible form of my heavenly truth.

I am dressed for the King and can meet with Him any time.

Are you clothed for King Jesus? You know the right answer is 'yes!' But as you consider how you feel about yourself when you enter His presence, are you dressed in the truth of how He sees you?

The visuals from this experience will help me remember who I am in Jesus' eyes. Do you need a reminder, too? Maybe it's time to go dress shopping.