Seeing through an Artist's Eyes: A Gateway to Spiritual Vision

Seeing through an Artist's Eyes: A Gateway to Spiritual Vision

Feb 21, 2024

...Did you know there's a profound connection between our artistic vision and spiritual sight? That's right, friends. Learning to see as artists can open up our ability to perceive spiritual truths and divine messages.

Artistry and Spiritual Perception: An Intertwined Journey

... Something remarkable happened When I embarked on my journey to learn painting. I noticed my ability to see and hear in the spirit and from the Lord intensified significantly. It was as if the world of colors, shapes, and textures on my canvas also painted a vibrant spiritual landscape.
As I delved deeper into painting, I found engaging with my sanctified golden imagination easier. This allowed for a beautiful exchange with Jesus, Father, or Holy Spirit, opening up a greater level of divine communication.

The Becoming Bezalel Courses: Unleashing Creativity and Vision

...This is why I'm so passionate about teaching the Becoming Bezalel Courses. They are more than just art classes; they're journeys into self-discovery and spiritual growth. These courses help debunk the myth that creativity is exclusive to specific individuals. The truth is, we're all creative in our unique ways!
...But these courses do more than unlock your buried creativity. They teach you how to see – not just with your eyes but also with your heart and spirit.

Learning to See: Beyond What We Know

...Our brains often interpret what we see based on our knowledge. This means that our pre-existing knowledge can sometimes limit our perception. But what if we could learn to see beyond this?
...For instance, our brain might tell us that trees are green with brown trunks, shadows are black, and mountains are brown. But as artists, we know this isn't always true. The world is a rich tapestry of hues and tones waiting to be explored!
...The same holds true for our spiritual sight. Often, we perceive God's messages within the framework of our knowledge. But imagine if we could extend our spiritual vision beyond this?

Growing in Skills and Spiritual Vision

..By joining any of the Becoming Bezalel Courses, you will unleash your creativity, learn new artistic skills, and enhance your prophetic vision and hearing. These courses aim to unlock your imagination and unearth new depths in your spiritual journey.

...So, are you ready to see with an artist's eyes and hear with a spirit-tuned ear?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

With love and joy, Claudia

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