Pain is the raw material that Artist Jesus uses to craft his masterpiece–YOU!

Pain is the raw material that Artist Jesus uses to craft his masterpiece–YOU!

Pain Artist Jesus

Jesus uses every painful event in your life to create a Masterpiece!

Pain is the raw material that Artist Jesus uses to craft his masterpiece–YOU!

Pain hurts. After the initial pain event, hopelessness and despair creep in along with anger and bitterness to further traumatize your hurting heart. If you’re like me, the most damaging pain comes at the hands of the people we know best and love the most. Therefore, what on earth could be the possible benefit of all the pain?

What’s the Benefit of Pain?

God is not the author of pain. Satan carries that identifier all to himself as he works frantically to inflict pain, brokenness, and loneliness knowing he is defeated! In contrast, our faithful God patiently, masterfully, and tenderly weaves your pain and sorrow together to reveal the multiple values (shades of grey) to produce contrast in the masterpiece of you as He unveils His promise of Romans 8:28 fulfilled in your life!

Shades of Grey Highlight Beauty

To demonstrate, as an artist I have discovered that every beautiful painting has a balance of light and dark values. An equal balance of values is not the aim, instead to provide enough contrast to highlight the subject and elicit the mood to reveal the majesty of the artwork. Major Artists have studied the greyscale to learn to “see” every shade of grey to create depth, movement, atmosphere, and emotion in their paintings.

Here’s an interesting fact. Did you know there are over 100 shades of grey observed in nature, yet a computer can identify 256? Surprisingly, most of us can only distinguish 10, and that’s with a lot of intentional effort!

How to Jesus Sees You

How many shades of grey in your life? For example, the old art masters learned to paint in only black, white, and gray for many years in order to learn to ‘see’ every shade. Too many of us don’t see or have an understanding of the shades of grey in our life. We evaluate our circumstances in only black and white such as, “Am I happy or sad today? Am I rich or poor, fat or skinny, pretty or ugly?” When you look at your life do you only see your failures, or experience feelings of being lost, not-good-enough, unloved, alone, discounted, or stuck?

That’s not how Jesus sees you. When He looks at you, like the old art masters who observed 5 different shades of grey in the shadowed underside of a glossy green leaf, he sees each shade of your life caused by the pain and sorrow of the enemy’s attack, as a gorgeous addition to the beauty of His finished work of art. Each shade of pain combines to make a glorious, priceless masterpiece.

Dark Threads of Pain Reveal Beauty

God himself carefully selects each treasured dark thread of pain in your life to weave His glorious tapestry. These delicate strands of brokenness become the anchor for the bright lights and joyful color. The dark thread becomes the contrast making room for the colors to explode!

He promises to make all things, including the painful things, good for your life as He conforms you to reflect the image of the Master Artist, Jesus. Therefore, the next time you feel tempted to agree with hopelessness from your painful experience, remember how the Master Artist sees you–Glorious, Majestic, and full of Light! His light reflects in every shadow, every scar, and every painful memory. He will redeem every moment of your life to create a beautiful work of art–YOU!

The Shades of Grey Challenge

I challenge you to choose a painful event or time that you consider negative (only black) and begin to explore the shades of grey. Can you ‘see’ the lighter areas? Can you find even one thread of white? The purpose is to help you reframe the event and see from Heaven’s perspective to reveal the beauty it may have brought to your life. God’s promise to work all things together for our good even applies to the blackest situation. If you need help seeing the shades of grey, reach out to me. I have learned to ‘see’ very well.

Pain is the raw material that Artist Jesus uses to craft his masterpiece–YOU!

Now Is The Time

Now is the Time

Now is the Time!

How a Typing Lesson 40 Years Ago Reminds Me To Fight for America Today!

When I was younger I was taught how to type using the phrase, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” I must have typed it a thousand times. For this reason and from that foundation, the Lord used that phrase as a call to action.

This phrase was introduced to teach typing in 1889 by Charles E. Weller when he changed the last word of the original Patrick Henry quote from “party” to “country” because it was 70 characters long including the period. But don’t ask me why that mattered.

Why am I telling you this story? Because of the prompting of the Lord to become an advocate for change. As a result, I want you to know that now is the time, today is the day to come to the aid of our country. America is and has been a literal beacon of hope to the world. Our foundation of “liberty and justice for all” provoked men and women across the world to migrate here through sacrifice, pain, suffering, and sometimes death. Why? Because America is great and America is great because her foundation is great.

Amerca’s Foundations Are Crumbling

But now, our foundation is crumbling. The America-haters, as watched on TV with sledgehammers destroying storefronts and statues, are literally attempting to destroy the foundation of America. As a result, If the foundation crumbles, America will fall.

Is this the America you want for your children and grandchildren?

How Do We Restore America’s Foundations?

Consequently, what can we do to restore our foundation?

We are the believers–the ones who choose to follow Christ–yet we see our rights crumble. Our parents watched in unbelief as prayer disappeared from school. Some marched in protest as so many fought for the choice to kill inconvenient babies in the womb, yet it still became the law. We prayed, fasted, marched, volunteered, and voted for politicians who shared our beliefs, but in the end, we had to settle for ungodly results believing nothing can be done.

Was there? Is there?

I am aroused by the Lord. I can’t stay silent any longer. What will I be afraid of? Who should I be afraid of?

The Bully Culture

For example, the bully culture has been empowered and emboldened. Frightened and helpless, we watch these out-of-control children throwing rocks meltdown into a full-blown tantrum. Those wanting to destroy the American foundation have silenced the good people of this country for fear of reprisal and backlash.


Furthermore, censorship has become real. It has kept me, and many others, quiet as I stick to topics that don’t offend the millions of now sanctioned sensitivities. As a life coach, podcaster, and artist, I have played their game. I was told, “Don’t venture into the shark-infested waters for fear of attack.” Fear works to silence. As a life coach, I avoid controversial topics whenever possible. My job is to encourage, motivate, and champion people to fulfill their God-inspired destiny.

For this reason, I had to agree with my husband as we discussed the topic while eating breakfast this morning, that NOW is the time for ALL GOOD MEN to come to the aid of their COUNTRY!

Only One Will Rescue America

I’m so glad Mr. Weller changed the last word of the quote from party to country because no party will save America. My entire adult life, I’ve voted Republican believing they best represented my values–but they failed us. I do, however, continue to stand with President Trump. Let his fighting spirit and ‘beholding-to-no-one-but-Americans’ attitude inspire you. It has inspired me.

Nevertheless, only Jesus Christ can save America. He offers salvation to the entire world through faith in Him. As flawed as it is, He has used America as the greatest exporter and teacher of the Gospel the world has ever known. America is part of His plan.

Now is the Time Scripture Equivalent!

The scriptural equivalent to Patrick Henry’s quote is in 2 Chron 7:14

“If My people, who are called by My NAME, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, THEN I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Most importantly dear followers of Jesus now is the time to join the fight for America. She is worth saving and will continue as a blessing to the countries of the world if we take a stand. Please seek the Lord for the ways He has equipped you to fight.

What Will I Do?

Therefore, what I will do is:

I will…

Expand my prayer focus beyond my limited view.

Pray with more fervency.

Seek Heaven’s perspective.

Pray under Heaven’s influence.

Not stay silent.

Not be afraid. After all, He has commanded us to not be afraid because the Lord our God is with us wherever we go. Joshua 1:9

Remain an encourager, never a hater.

Use my platform, such as it is, to speak as the Lord provokes.

What Will You Do?

Likewise, He’s calling you too. What will you do? How is He calling you? In light of that question, you may check out Sean Feucht’s website. Sean is a worship leader, missionary, activist who recently created Hold the Line is a political activist movement that you may want to know more about.

Besides Christian political activism, what are some other ways to come to the aid of YOUR country? Please share your ideas with me.


In conclusion, I felt prompted to leave you with this blessing found at the close of the Book of Hebrews. “Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen”  Hebrews 13:20-21 NKJ

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Pain is the raw material that Artist Jesus uses to craft his masterpiece–YOU!

“Awake O, Sleeping Giant! It’s Time to Come Out of the Shadows!”

This Christian Art and Prophetic Word is a Call to the Church.

“Awake O, Sleeping Giant! It’s Time to Come Out of the Shadows!”

For several days, I have felt prompted to write a message calling us, the saints, to wake up and be alert to the world’s tactic to silence us through the fear and intimidation of this global pandemic. Daily, we are bombarded with diabolic confusion in an effort to instill hopelessness and thereby silence us.

When I began to write, the Lord reminded me of a prophetic word He gave me on March 18 but never publicly released. He expanded on that word today. Therefore, I am releasing both the original word from March 18, 2020 along with the expanded word just given. 

Now, it’s time to awake and come out of the shadows! It’s time to charge. My original Christian Art painting ties directly with this Prophetic Word.

Listen to the sound of his voice

Dig. Resist. Engage. Persist.

Dig into who I called you to be. Did you hear me when I called you? Do you believe it? Nothing has changed. You’re still mine. You’re still equipped. The quirky, unique spark I placed within you is for others. I’ve called you to impact those around you.”

Resist the urge to give up. This pause is for your good. While the world around you feels like it’s spinning off course, you have been given a gift. Time is My precious gift for you. Remember when you said, ‘if only I had more?’ Now is the time. Reflect. Rest. Catch your breath. Breathe deeply!”

Engage with Me. Will you pour out the extravagant gift I just gave you over Me? Your love poured out as time is like honey on My lips. The hourglass of shifting sand is a love incense to Me. You delight Me. Listen. The voice that sounds familiarly similar to yours is Mine. Now, close your eyes. Do you see Me? I’m here for you. You’re the only one on My mind. You have My full attention.”

Persist past every discouraging thought that clouds your dreams. Confusion and fear will smother your hopes quicker than water on fire. Nothing is impossible for Me and with Me, nothing is impossible – for you!  Remember, together we died and were buried. I raised you up with Me in heavenly places. Let’s work out your next step together from the truth of who I see you as – anointed and called for this time.”

It’s interesting to see how the Lord intended the first part of the lockdown as precious time to become more deeply rooted in His love. I believe the first few months of the shutdown were a season of rest and deep discovery of Jesus. I hope you have prepared. Because there has been a shift. The church is being called forward. This is our hour. We must respond. 

Beginning July 6, 2020, the Lord gave me the same words with a different purpose.

Listen to the sound of his voice

Dig. Resist. Engage. Persist.

Dig deeply for the gold I’ve hidden for you and in you. While the enemy means to destroy you, I am with you bringing hope and clarity. The enemy is clouding every thought with confusion. You must see past his tactics and dig. Dig deeply. Strong towers have deep foundations. Fortify your foundation in Me, establish the bunker of knowing who you are and how I the Lord have prepared you.”

Resist the enemy. Resist complacency. This is not the time to go underground. Faith in action. It’s time to resist those who say, ‘be quiet!’ Instead, listen to ME and follow My lead. I have called you by name. I will lead you. I am the commander of the hosts.”

Engage with the fight for freedom. Now is the time to stand in your beliefs and hold fast to truth. Coronavirus, while destructive is not your enemy. Succumbing is. Falling back in line will not win. You will only be pushed back further for every inch you give. This is a season of engaging in the battle. It’s time to fight!”

Persist in your faith. Persist in prayer. Persist in Heaven’s persistence to release love, grace, mercy, and joy. Persist in an unwavering commitment to your King’s values and purpose. Anything short of that is surrender.”

“Take your stand. It’s time to come out of the shadows. It’s time to wake up! It’s time to charge!”

I created this Christian Art on Easter weekend. It’s Time to Come Out of the Shadows.

The Charge! Christian Art and Prophetic Word

The Charge! It’s time to awake, O Sleeping Giant. It’s time to come out of the shadows. Christian Art and Prophetic Word

The Charge

Awake, O Sleeping Giant

Come out of the Shadows

Stop Hiding

Now is Your time

Open Your Eyes

Stand Your Ground

Take Your Stance

Stomp the Earth

Shake off the DUST

Declare Who You Are!

It’s Time to Wake Up!

It’s Time to Declare

It’s Time to Charge!

Arise and Shine for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord is Risen upon you! Isaiah 60:1

Original painting plus canvas and paper prints are available at Claudia’s Art Gallery

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Have you ever got in the way of God’s Kingdom destiny for you?

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve made your Kingdom destiny plans and begin to take precise steps to implement them. Progress is good, you might even say, successful. Feeling God smiling on your project when suddenly, something else becomes your priority and you become distracted. Sound familiar?


If you’re like me you never run out of challenging ideas! Because I tire myself out with all the ideas I want to share with you, should I assume they can’t be from the Holy Spirit?


How do I stay focused to accomplish my Kingdom destiny when I am constantly dreaming up new projects or ideas?


Maybe you’re more cautious or “disciplined” with idea generation to be sure you get it right. Do past failures keep you from trying something new because another “failure” is not an option? Are you waiting to hear from God before you step into something new?

What Are We to Do?


I just kept podcasting until I got too busy (and exhausted) with the ‘other ideas!’ Do you remember my Dare to Discover You Facebook Challenge and the launch of my group coaching membership called Coaching Your Kingdom Journey?
These good ideas sucked time and energy away from my podcast and caused an unplanned season break on my podcast, Your Kingdom Journey! But were they wrong to pursue?
One-on-one Christian Life Coaching is a valuable gift if you can prioritize the financial commitment together with the time, energy, and focus needed to deliberately pursue your aligned Kingdom destiny with God.
Every one of us has a desperate need to discover our identity as believers to navigate the hostile world we live in. Learning how to live as a victorious overcomer is a lifetime journey. It’s worth it.


Why I Podcast

This is why I podcast. Anyone can listen to a podcast anywhere. With almost 1,500 downloads I feel God’s pleasure! He is honoring my promise to Him to freely share what I’ve learned. Interviews with other Kingdom travelers give you valuable insights and experiences you won’t receive anywhere else.


Season 2 of Your Kingdom Journey will launch August 5 with a lineup of amazing Kingdom adventurers who will release overcoming strategies to inspire and motivate you on your own adventure! Here’s a preview:

  • Susan–passionate to stop the Alzheimer’s destruction she witnessed with her mom led to an incredible connection and discovery;
  • Melissa–followed God’s prompting to launch a women’s Kingdom movement that has reached over 40 countries in just 2 months;
  • Niyi–a Nigerian immigrant, discovered how God is good in every situation and now encourages others through his YouTube channel;
  • Gina–overcame paralyzing anxiety to lead others to the same freedom;
  • Jessi– experienced God’s supernatural love and deliverance from a 7-year heroin addiction;
  • and many others!


Even though my podcast is free and doesn’t produce income, I continue to invest in its production. Beyond what I currently spend for podcast hosting, syndication, and remote recording service, I’ve hired Melinda to help with editing and posting. You will meet Melinda and hear her story early in Season 2.


I am all in and fully committed to bringing inspiring podcast interviews!


How Would You Answer?

…But, still, these questions remain. How would you answer?


…Should I have pursued my unplanned ideas?

…Did God drop these ideas into my heart or were they just my own?

…Is it OK to let something drop to pursue the other? When?

…How will I know?

…How do I get passed past failures to go after the Holy Spirit ‘idea bomb’?


I can’t answer definitively for every person in every situation, but in my case, I followed the Holy Spirit’s lead. My e-course, Dare to Discover You!, was birthed out of the Facebook Challenge. Since creating this e-course, I’m already brainstorming the next one.


What about you?


How does the Holy Spirit partner with your Kingdom destiny?


What are some of your experiences as you follow your Kingdom destiny? I’d love to know!


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